• endoscope cleaning sink

QPQ001 Medical Instrument Endoscope Cleaning Sink Station

The internal structure of the endoscope cleaning sink has been scientifically designed, with multiple independent cleaning areas and water circulation systems, which can be used for fine cleaning and disinfection of different types of endoscope, effectively removing stains and microorganisms inside and outside the mirror.

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Medical Instrument Endoscope Cleaning Sink Station Features:

The endoscopic cleaning workstation is used for the cleaning and disinfection of hard and soft endoscopes, and has 4-5 cleaning tanks in strict accordance with industry standards, so as to meet different functional requirements, including: gastroenteroscope, bronchoscope, bronchoscope, thoracoscope, ENT, cystoscope and other mirror cleaning and decontamination equipment.




Initial wash → enzyme wash → rinsing → disinfection → Final wash → drying table

endoscope cleaning sink


1. The cleaning tank and backplane are made of polymer material integrated blister molding, acid and alkali resistance, low bacterial attachment rate;

2. The use of four or five slots, slot segment decontamination, effectively eliminate cross infection;

3. Disinfectant, enzyme liquid, etc., easily realize automatic perfusion, reducing the labor intensity of staff;

4. The control system adopts microcomputer control program, the whole machine performance is stable, the operation is simple and convenient;

5. Humanized design is adopted to effectively protect the personal safety of staff.

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