Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

The importance of disinfection is increasing every day because it helps eliminate the potential spread of bacteria and pathogens. Industrial ETO sterilizer is one of the most common sterilization techniques for medical devices. Ethylene oxide is an alkaline reagent that disrupts the microbial reproduction process and enables thorough disinfection.

ETO sterilizers used in hospitals have been around for many years and are a mature sterilization technology. Ethylene oxide sterilizers are primarily used in healthcare facilities that are sensitive to water or heat and difficult to sterilize using steam. Any device used in healthcare practice can be sterilized with it.

The Advantage of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is:

1. Sterile medical equipment is highly efficient and can destroy the tiniest microorganisms, even the most resistant spores.

2. Large volumes can be sterilized, saving time, depending on the chamber capacity.

3. Medical equipment can be plastic, metal or rubber, they are non-corrosive, sterile medical equipment is responsible for handling.

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