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QXJ Series Medical Instrument Washer Sterilizer Laboratory Glassware Washer Disinfector

Developed for laboratories and clinics that need to wash a large number of items every day. Features a safety door interlocking system to prevent the simultaneous opening of two doors, thus eliminating cross contamination between the two classification areas.

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Medical Instrument Washer Sterilizer Washer Disinfector Features:

1. Double passageway doors ensure effective isolation of clean area and contaminated area.

2. Pneumatic translation doors come with a built-in safety mechanism with interlocking function as part of a complex system to meet CSSD processing requirements.

3. The ergonomic door height allows easy loading and unloading with the support of hand handling carts.

4. Siemens PLC control system, color touch screen man-machine interface, simple and friendly operation interface, can set various parameters to meet customer personalized needs.

5. The washing chamber is designed with smooth edges and corners to ensure cleaning of the chamber surface and prevent dirt accumulation.

6. The chamber adopts 316L stainless steel structure to provide you with a variety of chamber size options.

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Model Overall Dimensions L*W*H(mm) Chamber Size L*W*H(mm) Power(KW) Water consumption(kg/cycle)
QXJ-0.1 550*1250*1800 400*500*500 1.5 300
QXJ-0.2 650*1450*1800 500*600*600 1.5 600
QXJ-0.3 750*1650*1800 600*700*700 2 900
QXJ-0.4 980*1900*1800 830*830*600 2.5 1200
QXJ-0.6 980*1900*1960 830*830*800 2.5 1800
QXJ-0.8 1050*1900*1960 900*830*1000 3 2400