• medical steam cleaner,sanitizer steam machine

QPQ003 Medical Steam Cleaner Sanitizer Steam Machine

The equipment is small in size and powerful in function, can produce high temperature saturated steam in a short time, and use the strong penetration of steam to effectively remove stains and microorganisms in the surface of the instrument and fine pores, to achieve deep cleaning and efficient disinfection.

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Medical Steam Cleaner Sanitizer Steam Machine Features:

1. The use of high temperature and high pressure steam, no need to manually scrub, reduce the labor intensity of staff.

2. Suitable for manual pre-cleaning or post-processing of complex and highly polluted instruments, remove stubborn stains attached to the surface of power surgical instruments, ultrasonic knife head and other precision instruments, lumen instruments, ophthalmic instruments, stomatology instruments, obstetrics and gynecology instruments, etc., to achieve the ideal cleaning effect and prevent surface damage of instruments and instruments.

3. Continuous steam generation, convenient continuous cleaning, up to 8Bar of high pressure steam can be produced to ensure the cleaning effect of instruments.

4. Built-in efficient steam generator, designed for precision instrument cleaning in medical environment.

5. Steam cleaning does not require the use of a large number of cleaning agents and chemicals, reducing pollution to the environment. At the same time, the energy consumption of the steam cleaning machine is relatively low, saving energy.

6. High pressure steam can penetrate into small gaps and holes on the surface of the object for deep cleaning to ensure that there is no dead corner for cleaning.

medical steam cleaner,sanitizer steam machine

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Steam Cleaner QPQ003 External Size 315x385x415mm
Max outlet temperature 160℃
Max steam pressure 8Bar
Pressure chamber volume 6L
Input Water Type Automatic/Manual
Voltage 220V
Power 200W
Steam Absorption Device Exhaust Air Rate 750M3/h
Filter liquid collection device Standard
Voltage 220V
Power 3200W