Biological Wastewater Treatment

The flow and composition of pharmaceutical industry and laboratory wastewater varies widely, depending on factors such as productivity, the specific preparation being carried out, and the activities generating the wastewater. All of these variables mean that the contamination of the final effluent can be very severe and varied over time.Biological wastewater treatment has the advantages of thorough sterilization, high degree of automation, simple operation, good safety and high reliability.

Typically, this wastewater contains:

1. High organic content, most of which are easy to biodegrade (alcohol, acetone, etc.).

2. Slow biodegradable organic compounds and refractory substances (aromatic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.).

3. Inhibitory and toxic compounds (antibiotics).

4. Soaps and detergents containing surfactants.

5. Most of the waste water is produced by washing equipment at the end of the production process. Purification water (waste from reverse osmosis and ion exchange resin regeneration), equipment cleaning, laboratory effluent, and other smaller amounts of contamination.

Our Wastewater disposal system is designed to remove persistent chemicals left behind by other technologies. Biological Filters wastewater treatment removes stubborn organic chemicals to very low levels that can be safely discharged into sewers or waterways while reducing costs and improving traceability.

The knowledge and insight we gained enabled us to design intelligent solutions for new and existing pharmaceutical plants, while minimizing disruptions and maintaining effective pollution control. Through the facility process, we can improve efficiency in areas such as logistics and maintenance.

From manufacturing plants to utilities, clean room design, laboratory design and laboratory maintenance, to vaccine storage and wastewater treatment. The Waste Water Treatment System integrates sustainability, energy conversion, safety and provides you with the most environmentally friendly solution while adding value to capex and reducing operating costs.

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