Medical Waste Autoclave

Businesses that produce medical waste need to treat and disinfect the waste before throwing it in the bin. Failure to do so is dangerous because hazardous or infectious waste can end up in landfills. From there, waste can contaminate soil and water and pose a threat to the environment and public health. Disinfection must therefore be carried out in the elimination of medical waste.

Our medical waste autoclaves disposal large amounts of contaminated medical liquid and solid waste.The greatest advantage of the medical waste autoclave is the labor cost savings. Pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer cabinet can realize automatic control, can effectively shorten the sterilization operation time, sterilization effect is more satisfactory. Generally speaking, The sterilization rate of autoclave steam sterilizer reaches 99.9%. Medical waste treatment system has become an essential equipment in medical institutions with its high temperature steam reaching 132-134 degrees Celsius. Steam is ideal because it is non-toxic, cheap and can be supplied indefinitely. This is a natural “organic” process that does not leave any chemical residue or This is achieved by exposing the product to high temperatures (121°C to 134°C) product is placed in a device called an autoclave and heated by pressurized steam to kill all microorganisms. You get a constant “inflow” of high-pressure steam that eliminates unwanted microbes. After disinfection, it can be buried in situ or incinerated in an incinerator, or treated with a shredding sterilizer.

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