Medical Waste Baler

Medical waste disposal involves the whole process of collection, storage, transportation and treatment of medical waste.

Medical waste refers to the waste that is directly or indirectly infectious, toxic or harmful to health generated by medical institutions in the course of medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities. Medical waste is highly infectious, biotoxic and corrosive. Untreated or incompletely treated medical waste can be piled up arbitrarily, easily causing pollution to water body, soil and air, and causing direct harm to human body.

Medical waste treatment is a kind of garbage sent to the depot, the messy garbage because fleeciness, large volume, pickup task is very heavy, the input of manpower, efficiency is extremely low, and pollute the environment, in order to prevent the spread of garbage bacteria and odor, avoid harmful objects harm human health and environmental pollution, Medical waste needs to be collected, packaged and sealed.

We have semi-automatic and automatic baler devices. These medical waste disposal devices can basically meet the use needs of packaging. When using medical waste baler, the medical waste is compressed and easy to transport, thus reducing the transport cost of medical waste.

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