Medical Waste Incineration

Burning has been the world’s main source of waste. Although different alternatives to incineration have been tried, it is still widely used worldwide to deal with waste management crises. Due to the high heat of controlled combustion chambers, it is possible to greatly reduce the time wasted in incineration waste disposal.

You don’t have to worry about monsoons or winter when incinerator processes your garbage. High Temperature Incineration is a non-hazardous treatment facility used for the incineration of medical/clinical hazardous wastes. It is designed to burn medical waste of all kinds and can be run by a single operator.Medical Waste Buring Incinerator features small volume, high combustion efficiency, automatic control, high combustion process, and strong harmlessness, making it an excellent low-cost entry level solution that can address all waste challenges. Bio Waste Incinerator is ideal for burning medical gloves, syringes, infusion sets, tubes, scalpels, expired medicines, ampoules and other medical wastes.

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