Medical Waste Sterilizer&Shredder

The department provides solutions for medical hazardous waste. Medical waste sterilizer shredder, aims to convert hospitals and medical centers to safely handle infectious medical waste by maintaining WHO and EU recommendations. The Steam autoclave with shredder are enclosed in an airtight container, reducing the volume and size of the waste by 20%. Medical waste sterilizer shredder helps to crush medical waste such as paper, syringes, glass, plastic, sharp objects, clothes and dialysis machines. Steam infiltration has enhanced the overall effect of medical waste sterilization systems, while steam infiltration has been enhanced by smashing. The loaded medical waste is crushed through a built-in grinder in an airtight container to ensure no exposure to odors. The system of waste autoclave disposal has a complete automatic process; Thus greatly reducing the reliance on professional operating teams. The unit requires minimal installation space and basic infrastructure to operate.

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