Why is microwave sterilization mostly used in the food industry?


Microwave sterilizer is widely used in food processing industry, treat dehydrated vegetables and dried meat that we eat every day.

In order to further extend the shelf life of meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods, as well as to further improve the flavor of food, modern food industry usually on carrots, strawberries, bananas and other foods for drying.

Microwave sterilizer is also mainly used in food processing industry. Do you know why?

1. It is faster than traditional heating and reduces processing time

2. High nutrition retention rate, improve product quality

3. It allows for precise process control and optimal energy use

4. Can be used for post-packaging, retain moisture

5. It’s a clean process

6. It requires a relatively minimal amount of space

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Working principle of microwave sterilization

Microwave equipment depends on microwave heating, and the traditional heating mode (conduction, convection, radiation) is completely different.

Microwave processing is heated by the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the “dielectric” properties of food. These properties cause polarization within the material when exposed to an external electric field.

What actually happens is that the polar molecules are constantly rotating to align with the electromagnetic field. This causes friction between molecules, which generates heat. This will increase the temperature of the items in the food processor.

Microwave heating uses the principle of dielectric loss to convert microwave energy into heat energy needed for heating, and the absorption of heat is proportional to the dielectric loss factor. As the dielectric loss factor of water (or other solvents) is much greater than that of other substances, the water (or other solvents) molecules preferentially absorb microwave energy, and the water molecules move from the inside of the product to the surface, continue to absorb microwave energy, so that the water becomes water vapor and is discharged, to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

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