What should be monitored for ethylene oxide sterilization?


Ethylene oxide sterilization is a kind of sterilization method with high efficiency and penetrating power, which is welcomed by domestic and foreign markets. When sterilizing ethylene oxide, it is necessary to monitor the contents to ensure the effect of sterilization. So, what do you need to monitor for ethylene oxide sterilization?

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1. Physical monitoring

In the process of each use, the staff need to physically monitor it. For example, the temperature, pressure, time and other conditions of sterilization should be monitored to meet the operating conditions of the equipment. Whether the temperature and humidity meet the standards, etc., to ensure the effect of sterilization is correct.


2. Chemical monitoring

EO sterilization works by destroying the living conditions of microorganisms and causing them to die. When the equipment is running, it is necessary to carry out chemical monitoring work. For example, whether the sterilization effect is achieved in the process of sterilization. Through the indicator card above each position, its color change can be intuitively understood.


3. Biological monitoring

Biological monitoring is also needed to be monitored in the process of each sterilization, mainly through the change of the status of subtilis to understand its sterilization. Through biological monitoring, it is possible to intuitively know the sterilization process and the effect state achieved. It can be said that biomonitoring is an effective way to determine whether ethylene oxide sterilization is safe.

EO sterilization needs to do physical monitoring, chemical monitoring and biological monitoring in the use of these three aspects. Physical monitoring is to understand whether the temperature, pressure, humidity and other conditions in use meet the standard. Chemical monitoring is to understand whether the biological sterilization treatment is effective, biological monitoring is to understand whether the use of the process is safe.

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