• needle syringe destroyer,small waste shredder
  • needle syringe destroyer,small waste shredder
  • needle syringe destroyer,small waste shredder

WRHD Needle Syringe Destroyer Electric Small Waste Shredder

The needle syringe destroyer is an essential tool of modern science. However, with nearly a million accidental stings a year, they also pose daily risks to health care workers. Needles can lead to exposure to blood-borne pathogens, and the routine duties of injecting, drawing blood, disposing of used needles, and hospital staff provide plenty of opportunities for accidental needle injuries. The needle should be destroyed immediately after use as adhesion may occur at any stage after use.

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Needle Syringe Destroyer Small Waste Shredder Description:

The needle syringe destory is a revolutionary method of destroying hypodermic needles. It can handle medical waste such as syringe, infusion bottle, catheter, speculum, test tube, glass, dilution cup, suction, suction, glass urine, cervical sampler, etc. Effectively prevent the use of infectious diseases caused by injection cross infection. This provides adequate protection against accidental stabbing, which can even lead to loss of life.

Suitable for large, medium and small hospitals and clinics. The device is very cheap because a single device can handle hundreds of needles.

needle syringe destroyer,small waste shredder

Needle Syringe Destroyer Features:

1. The device has sufficient capacity to destroy needles of all types and sizes below. Body length 12.5 mm to 80 mm, diameter range from 0.4 mm to 2 mm.

2. It has a hardened blade of stainless steel material that facilitates cutting syringe tips.

3. Smooth operation: there is no jam phenomenon in normal destroyed form4. Damage rate: 3-7 seconds/needle depending on syringe size.

5. After shredding, it will be sterilized to reduce the risk of infection of the waste.

6. Operation mode: feed from above

7. After shredding, drawer can collect damaged syringe hub and needle fragments.

8. Provide on/off switch with indicator light



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Model WRHD-160
Capacity Disposable syringe ≥ 500 bons / minute, plastic products 20-25kg / hour
Destruction method Mechanical cutting, continuous smashing, waste centralized collection
Volume 572mm×356mm×750mm
Inlet size 160mm×160mm×120mm
Power supply AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Power 750W
Continuous working period >2h
Weight 54kg