Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment

Over time, medications can lose their effectiveness. The method you choose to dispose of them can have a direct impact on the safety and health of the environment, and responsible pharmaceutical waste treatment is essential to human and environmental health.

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What is pharmaceutical waste?

Pharmaceutical waste is any leftover, unused or expired medication that is discarded. It includes a wide variety of items such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs, controlled substances and sharps. This waste comes in the form of solid pills and capsules, creams, liquids and aerosols.


How do I get rid of pharmaceutical waste?

All expired, unwanted or unused medications and equipment should be disposed of as quickly and safely as possible. The goal is to help reduce the chance of accidental or intentional exposure.

In the past, it has been recommended to flush old medications that are unneeded or expired down the toilet or into the sink. This may not be a good idea; water treatment plants cannot remove these compounds before they reach the environment. There is a risk that other people or animals may be exposed to the medication.



These pharmaceutical wastes must be treated in a permitted treatment facility before disposal, and we offer complete pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions.


Procedure: Medical Waste Shredder → Medical Waste Incinerator


The shredding systems we offer shred pharmaceuticals in a safe and efficient manner in a closed cell, rendering them unusable.
They are then destroyed in a specialised incinerator, and when the waste is discharged from the incinerator, all that remains is a residue – sometimes referred to as ‘ash’ or ‘dust’.
It can ultimately be disposed of in a sanitary or hazardous landfill.


The following is a list of pharmaceutical waste treatment:


Medical Waste Shredder

Designed for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and any organisation that generates large quantities of on-site sorted waste.
The shredding process grinds the pharmaceutical waste into fine particles and the shredder has a throughput of up to 200-300kg/h for maximum efficiency in breaking down pharmaceutical waste.


1. The inlet with glass window can effectively prevent particles from splashing and causing injury.

2. Structured with two rotating shafts, it is able to provide higher shredding efficiency and more powerful processing capacity. It can process a large amount of materials faster and is suitable for handling harder and stronger materials.

3. It is suitable for crushing and processing of all kinds of medical waste and has the advantage of irreplaceable equipment.Pharmaceutical waste treatment


Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerator

pharmaceutical waste treatment,pharmaceutical waste disposal,pharmaceutical waste incinerator,medical waste shredder


Pharmaceutical waste incineration transforms medical waste into ash in a process that is considered the safest and most effective means of disposal, eliminating up to 99% of the waste.

Medical waste incinerators come in a variety of capacities and can handle a few pounds to thousands of pounds of waste. Medical incinerators operate in the temperature range of 850-1100°C with a minimum gas retention time of 3 seconds. Meeting capacities in excess of 30 kg/hour burn rates, models are available to meet the budgetary and economic needs of small clinics, as well as the more stringent requirements of larger hospitals in their waste management processes.

There are many reasons why we should choose medical incineration:


1. Efficient waste management

2. Elimination and breakdown of pathogens

3. Reduces waste volume to 80% or more

4. Requires minimal training


In addition to more than 80% of the waste, the process reduces the volume of the waste by more than 95%, leaving only a small portion to go to landfill, making the medical waste incinerator favourable to the welfare of mankind and the environment.


If you are interested in more information about our medical waste treatment, please contact us for more information. We offer a variety of cost-effective ways to dispose of medical waste that can save you time and money and ensure the complete destruction of controlled substances.