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QPQ-DY Series Operating Room Pre Washing Machine Automatic Flushing Tank

Surgical instruments down must do pre-cleaning treatment and moisturizing, otherwise the late organic matter or blood coagulation and drying and then processing is quite difficult, and easy to damage damage to the instruments and equipment and the risk of infection caused by the staff. The use can completely replace the manual operation, reduce a large number of manual operation and labour intensity, so that more thorough and completely dead-end, safe and efficient surgical instrument cleaning and moisturizing treatment, effectively reduce the cost of instruments and equipment and staff infection risk.

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Operating Room Pre Washing Machine Automatic Flushing Tank Features:

According to the characteristics of the hospital operating theatre designed into the surgical instruments automatic spray moisturizing pretreatment washing machine;


1. All-round nozzle design, so that every corner of the tank can reach the high-pressure jet spray washing.

2. Full-automatic humectant atomisation system enables instruments to be sprayed evenly and in a small amount, thus reducing the cost of use.

3. The automatic spraying is discharged directly, taking away the organic matter or blood clots, avoiding the secondary pollution caused by repeated use.

4. Adopt PLC programmable control, colour LCD touch screen man-machine interface, 24 groups can be programmed, preset 6 groups of procedures can be selected at will.

5. One-key start operation, more convenient and humane.

6. The inner and outer shells of the instrument, the sound-reducing cover, and the cleaner mesh frame are all made of high-quality stainless steel CNC moulding.


Rinse process flow:

Feeding→automatic spray cleaning→automatic spray rinsing→automatic humectant→printing rinsing work process (optional)



It is the necessary equipment for hospital operating room, supply room disinfection centre and endoscopy centre.

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Model Inner Size(L×W×H) Temperature adjustable(°C ) Volume(L) Type
QPQ-DY35 600×200×288 35 1-480 Manual/Electric
QPQ-DY52 600×300×288 52 1-480 Manual/Electric
QPQ-DY69 600×400×288 69 1-480 Manual/Electric
QPQ-DY86 700×400×288 86 1-480 Manual/Electric
QPQ-DY103 700×500×288 103 1-480 Manual/Electric