• Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization
  • Chili Sterilizer,Paprika Sterilizer,Food Safe Sterilizer
  • Chili Sterilizer,Paprika Sterilizer,Food Safe Sterilizer

DZG Paprika/Chili Powder Sterilizer Food Spices Sterilization Machine

Paprika sterilization machines can be used to dry and sterilize with peppers sterilization, pepper sterilization, curry powder sterilization, cumin, and sterilization, and sterilization, in the food industry, is a mature equipment.Sterilization finished, do not change color, keep bright, fresh, longer storage time, up to 2-3 years.

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Paprika/Chili Powder Sterilizer Spices Sterilization Machine Features:

Our spices sterilization machine is suitable for sterilization of spice and powder. The use of autoclave is more efficient and energy saving, and the sterilization time is shorter to obtain better texture, color and aroma. According to the specified sterilization time length of various materials for sterilization. To kill up to 95% of bacteria and various microorganisms in food. Widely used in many food processing industry, with good bactericidal effect.

Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization

Control system

1. Color LCD display and screen touch operation.

2. Preset four fixed procedures (package, solution, instrument, test) and leave two custom Spaces for users to customize work procedures.

3. Configure the micro printer to print the key parameters of the sterilization process.


Structural Characteristics

1. The sterilizer is designed with steam generator and jacket structure.

2. The door is opened and locked by pneumatic method, and the control is flexible and reliable.

3. The water ring vacuum pump reaches the required vacuum degree and dries the material after sterilization.

Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization


Optional Function:

Remote Monitoring System:

The sterilizer has wireless communication function, which can be connected to the remote monitoring end through terminal routing, and the data can be directly monitored in real time via WiFi or 4G/5G network to realize remote monitoring of sterilization status, temperature, sandwich pressure, F0 value, front and back door status and other information. With high precision and high acquisition rate, the sterilization environment can be monitored 24/7, improving the operational efficiency of sterilization.
If the temperature, pressure and time data are abnormal and do not meet the pressure steam sterilization requirements, the operator can see the abnormal information on the platform.

Spices Sterilization Machine, Food Sterilization Machine,Powder Sterilization


CIP Washing Function:

Ensure the quality of the final product and meet stringent hygiene requirements. The CIP program cleans dirt while also killing microorganisms inside the equipment. With an automated and well-designed monitoring system, better cleaning results are guaranteed to ensure the production of consistently high quality products.


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Design pressure Working Pressure Design Temperature Working Temperature Heat Equilibrium Vacuum Steam Source Pressure Water Source Pressure Compressed Air Pressure
0.245Mpa 0.22Mpa 139℃ 134℃ ≤±1℃ -0.095Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.2-0.3Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Specifications Overall Dimensions Chamber Size Steam Consumption Power Loading(kg) Loading Cart(pcs) Tap Water consumption Net Weight
Model L*M*H(mm) L*W*H(mm) (kg/cycle) (KW) (kg)
Single/Double Door
DZG-0.36 1195*1220*1720 1000*600*600 50 1.5 30~50 400 760
DZG-0.6 1245*1300*1880 1050*680*850 60 2 60~90 500 1100
DZG-0.8 1595*1300*1880 1400*680*850 70 3 80~130 1 700 1300
DZG-1.2 1695*1370*1960 1500*750*1100 80 3 120~230 2 700 1900
DZG-2.5 3195*1370*1960 3000*750*1100 160 4.5 250~480 4 1200 2800
DZG-5.0 3635*1800*2200 3400*1000*1500 350 7.5 500~900 4 1600 4500
DZG-8.0 5635*1800*2200 5400*100*1500 450 7.5 800~1500 6 1600 7500