Pathological Waste Disposal

If you are sure that something you have is sick, then it must go through a different process than the rest of your red bag of waste disposal. As a result, all pathological material must be kept away from the more common red bags of trash — bloody bandages, gauze, surgical masks, and so on.

Pathological waste is defined as any type of waste consisting of human or animal body parts. This can include:



Surgical specimens

Body fluids removed during surgery or autopsy

Where does pathological waste come from? This waste circulation often originates in hospitals, but to varying degrees it is also common:

The operation center

Plastic Surgery Center

Veterinary clinic

Depending on the type of waste, medical waste autoclave/shredder or medical waste incinerator may be involved. One of the most common medical waste vapors processed through the autoclave process is anything contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious substances. Autoclave is just a sterilization process. This type of waste is mainly known as red bag medical waste.

However, anything considered pathological is not suitable for autoclave. Instead, this type of waste must go through medical incineration – a hotter process that essentially reduces the contents to dust or ash.