Dry Heat Sterilizer

Although steam sterilization is still the preferred method for most applications, autoclave Dry heat sterilization is the preferred method in some cases.

In dry heat sterilizer, dry heat has been used to sterilize different materials. Use hot air or fire in the process. Compared to dry steam sterilization, this method has a higher temperature. Temperatures are usually higher than 356° F or 180 °C.

Dry heat helps kill organisms using destructive oxidation methods. This helps destroy large polluting biomolecules, such as proteins. The basic cellular components are destroyed and the organism dies. Leave the temperature on for nearly an hour to kill the most resistant spores.

The major advantage of dry heat for purification is that it does not corrode or passivate the apparatus. It is also ideal for equipment that can be damaged by heat and humidity, such as powders, sharp instruments and even petroleum products.

Items such as glassware, metal instruments, paper-wrapped objects, and syringes can be effectively sterilized through hot sterilization. The materials used in these things are heat resistant, or they are thermally stable. Powder of impervious and anhydrous oils can also be sterilized using dry heat sterilization.

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