• food autoclave,food packaging sterilization,retort autoclave
  • food autoclave,food packaging sterilization,retort autoclave

FG Pouch/Bottle/Tin/Canned Food Autoclave Food Packaging Sterilization Retort Autoclave

Sterilization is a physical or chemical process that can effectively kill or eliminate microorganisms and pathogens from food, equipment or drugs, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and prions. The purpose of the food bactericidal machine is to reduce corruption and eliminate harmful microorganisms in food. Nutrition is undoubtedly critical in the field of food.
Food bactericidal machines are typically based on five technologies, namely heating, steam, radiation, chemistry, and filtration, foods can be bactericidal, namely, batching and continuous sterilization through two processes. Sterilization equipment is applied in foods such as spices, condiments, vanillas, fruits and vegetables, mainly due to the improvement of global health awareness.

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Pouch/Bottle/Tin/Canned Food Autoclave Retort Autoclave Description:


The food autoclave is mainly used to provide sterile, sealed, high temperature space for packaged food processing and sterilize packaged food. The sterilizer is a very important device in the processing of canned products. It is widely used for the sterilization or secondary sterilization of packaged food and beverages, in particular in tinplate cans, bottles, soft bags. It prevents contamination of the product inside and outside the package, reducing the possibility of oxidation and chemical or physical changes and to ensure that product health, preserve the nutrition and flavor of essential equipment.


canned food autoclave,food sterilizer,food packaging sterilization,retort autoclave
Scope of application:
Metal containers: tin cans, aluminum cans;
Flexible packaging: transparent bag, aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag

canned food autoclave,food sterilizer,food packaging sterilization,retort autoclave

Pouch/Bottle/Tin/Canned Food Packaging Sterilization Features:

1. It uses circulating superheated water as sterilization medium, spraying at the top, can achieve uniform sterilization.

2. These autoclaves provide excellent drying so that products can be packaged and labeled directly after sterilization.

3. Independent control system, vacuum, temperature, pressure and time can be set freely, and can be specified according to customer requirements of various processes. The operation and status of the device are displayed on the touch screen. All data can be printed, recorded and downloaded.

4. F0 value preset, so that the sterilization effect is visible and controllable, not affected by food temperature and size, to ensure the sterilization effect of each batch is even.

5. counter pressure design to prevent food packaging from bursting.

7. Optional remote monitoring system

food autoclave,food packaging sterilization,retort autoclave



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Design pressure Working Pressure Design Temperature Heat Equilibrium
0.245Mpa 0.22Mpa 139℃ ≤±0.5℃
Working Temperatur Steam Source Pressure Water Source Pressure Compressed Air Pressure
134℃ 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.1-0.3Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Model Overall Size L*W*H(mm) Chamber Size L*W*H(mm) Steam Consumption (kg/cycle) Compressed Air Consumption(m³/cycle)
FG-1.2 1910*3400*2130 1500*1300*1300 85 2
FG-2.5 3410*3400*2130 3000*1300*1300 120 3.5
FG-5 3850*3700*2230 3400*1600*1700 250 6
FG-8 5850*3700*2230 5400*1600*1700 500 9
FG-10 7150*3700*2300 6700*1600*1700 650 12
FG-12 8450*3700*2230 8000*1600*1700 850 15
FG-14 9850*3700*2230 9400*1600*1700 1000 18