• ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner,pre cleaning surgical instruments
  • ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner,pre cleaning surgical instruments

UW-80/100/120 Pre Cleaning Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner

The ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner integrates two efficient cleaning modes: ultrasonic surgical Instrument and spray. It has three ultrasonic frequency options and all-round three-dimensional spray technology to ensure that all kinds of instruments are cleaned without dead corners. The equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with intelligent adjustment, visual operation, automatic lifting and other functions, and through water saving design, effectively improve the cleaning efficiency and operation convenience.

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Pre Cleaning Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Features:

Together with the cleaning solution, it is mainly used in disinfection and supply centres for high-volume cleaning of contaminated instruments such as surgical instruments, haemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, tweezers, rigid endoscopes, plates, test tubes, changing bowls and other contaminated instruments. It has excellent cleaning effect especially for items containing deep holes, blind holes, concave and convex grooves.

ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner,pre cleaning surgical instruments

1. The medical cleaning equipment integrates two major technologies of ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning to achieve efficient water and material saving cleaning.

2. With 40KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz three ultrasonic frequency, can be flexibly switched to single-frequency, dual-frequency, triple-frequency mode, to meet from the surface of the instrument to the cavity mirror, ophthalmic instruments and other diversified cleaning needs.

3. 360° omni-directional three-dimensional spraying technology ensures cleaning without blind area and greatly improves the cleaning effect.

4. The main body of the equipment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which ensures the durability and reliability of the equipment;

5. Equipped with high-efficiency ultrasonic transducer and degassing function to strengthen the cleaning efficiency.

6. The ultrasonic power can be adjusted according to the need to adapt to different cleaning objects.

7. With cleaning times display function, convenient management of cleaning fluid replacement cycle.

8. Built-in electric heating circulatory system to ensure rapid and stable water temperature and uniform distribution.

9. Support two water level automatic water intake selection, according to the cleaning load flexible adjustment of water volume.

10. Digital display shows real-time time, temperature, power, enzyme and cleaning times, intuitive and convenient operation.

11. The equipment is built-in large-capacity solution bottle and electronically controlled enzyme adding device, simplifying the operation process.

12. The cleaning frame has automatic lifting function, avoiding the operator to contact the cleaning liquid directly.

13. Adopting drawer-type double cleaning basket design, effectively reducing the operator’s physical load.

14. Flip-up inspection window design, easy to observe and adjust the cleaning objects, comprehensively improve the cleaning quality and user experience.

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Product model UW-80 UW-100 UW-120
Machine size 750x720x850mm 850x720x850mm 950x720x850mm
Cleaning capacity 600x450x350mm 700x450x350mm 800x450x350mm
Inner groove size 80 L 100 L 120 L
Basket Size (540X400x135) mmx2 (640x400x135) mmx2 (740X400x135) mmx2
Ultrasonic power 1.5KW 1.8KW 2.1KW
Heating power 6.0KW 6.0KW 9.0KW
Total Power 7.6KW 8.0KW 11.2KW
Ultrasonic Frequency 40Khz/80Khz/100Khz,Three Frequencies
Time Range 0~99
Temperature Control Range 20~80℃
Working Noise <80 dB
Reducing Noise Lid Standard
Electronic flooding Standard
Automatic Water Standard
Electronic Drainage Standard
Water level selection Two(1/1, 1/2)
Opening Mode Automatic Lifting + Manual Flip
Power Supply AC/380V TN-S
Weight 70KG 85KG 100KG