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Sterilization is of vital importance in the medical industries. From direct patient care to lab work, every new surface is at risk of being contaminated with spores, bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms.
Of all the methods available for sterilization, moist heat in the form of pressurized saturated steam is the most widely used and the most reliable. Steam sterilization is non-toxic, inexpensive, rapid sterilization, spore killing, and rapid heating and penetration of the fabric.

This article introduces several sterilizers:

  • Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer
  • Pure Steam Sterilizer
  • Culture-medium Sterilizer
  • Water Bath Sterilizer
  • Steam&Air Mixture Sterilizer
  • Spice Sterilizer
  • Rotary Sterilizer
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Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer

Pure Steam Sterilizer

Culture-medium Sterilizer

Water Bath Sterilizer

Steam&Air Mixture Sterilizer

Spice Sterilizer

Rotary Sterilizer


1. Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer

pulse vacuum sterilizer, steam sterilizer autoclave, medical autoclave

YG Series Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer



The pulsating vacuum sterilizer can be used to sterilize medicines, produce sanitary materials, dressings, instruments and other products. The equipment can also be used for sterilization, fumigation and drying of medicinal materials. After sterilization, it can be used directly, so as to achieve good sterilization effect.

Pulse vacuum sterilizer is specially designed for pharmaceutical production units, CSSD and other applications requiring strict quality sterilization. It is widely used in medical departments, drug testing, epidemic prevention, pharmaceutical and other biological engineering industries as well as scientific research institutes.

The cabinet body of sterilization equipment is horizontal rectangular structure. The PLC based control system with the application of touch screen makes the operation more convenient, can dynamically display the working process and the working process of time, temperature, pressure and other parameters, make the operation more intuitive, users can also according to the need for special configuration of the convenient manual operation. The system also has perfect sterilization data recording and printing functions, high control precision, stable and reliable operation. The equipment has standard GMP verification interface, convenient for users to carry out equipment verification at any time.

Steam Autoclave process:

Purification stage

In the purification stage, steam replacement of the air in the autoclave chamber. Both temperature and pressure begin to increase.

Sterilization stage

The exhaust remains closed, so that the temperature and pressure rise rapidly to the required value. It is at this stage that the harsh conditions of the autoclave destroy bacteria, spores, and other pathogens.

Exhaust stage

Pressure is released from the cabin, but the temperature is still quite high. Caution should be exercised by technicians when removing hot contents from the autoclave.
Autoclave Restrictions: While autoclaves remain a very versatile tool, certain materials and substances are not compatible with autoclaves and can be dangerous if contained under load and entered the sterilization cycle. For example,certain chemicals (such as acids and bases) should not be autoclaved, and materials made from polyethylene, polyurethane or polystyrene should not be autoclaved either. Autoclave technicians must understand the principle of autoclave sterilization in order to avoid potential safety hazards in the process of use.


2. Pure Steam Sterilizer

CG Series Pure Steam Sterilizer

Steam is a good sterilization medium, pure steam has a strong sterilization ability and less impurities, It is especially suitable for all purification processes in the pharmaceutical industry (opening bottles, instruments, petri dishes, textiles, all kinds of aluminum drums and rubber stoppers for antibiotics, bottles and rubber stoppers for freeze-dried powder, etc.) All products are sterilized by pure steam.

The saturated steam of the ordinary pressure steam sterilizer is usually provided by the industrial boiler, and because of the conveying system and other reasons, the steam often contains impurities and in order to reduce the damage to the steam boiler and the presence of a small amount of volatile amines and other substances added in the water, so that in the process of sterilization will be deposited on the sterilized items, This can cause harm to patients with medical instruments and diagnostic supplies of sterile tissue, and containers containing sterile items may re-contaminate sterile items and enter tissue culture media, which is also not conducive to the culture of viruses.

In view of the above reasons, on the basis of pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer, CG pure steam sterilizer is a sterilizer that uses pure steam in the inner layer and ordinary boiler steam in the jacket, more health, more clean, more in line with the GMP requirements, more suitable for the pharmaceutical industry sterilization operation, such as direct contact with sterile tissue equipment and sterile articles of the container, packaging materials sterilization.


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3. Culture-medium Sterilizer

substrate sterilizer,autoclave for mushroom cultivation

YG Mushroom Substrate Sterilizer

Specializing in providing high quality and efficient sterilisation solutions for the edible mushroom growing industry.

Adopting advanced thermal sterilization technology, this professional equipment, with its excellent sterilization performance and precise temperature control, ensures that every portion of mushroom culture medium meets the standards of sterility and purity, laying a solid foundation for mushrooms to thrive.

In the process of mushroom cultivation, the four key steps are mixing, sterilization, inoculation and incubation, which constitute the basic processes of mushroom medium preparation and mycelial growth:


Firstly, raw materials such as wood chips, wheat bran, corn flour, gypsum powder and so on are meticulously mixed according to specific ratios in order to constitute a nutrient-rich mushroom medium. At this stage, the raw materials should be mixed well to ensure the balance of nutrients in all parts of the medium, so as to provide sufficient nutrient sources for the development of mushroom mycelium.


The mixed medium needs to undergo strict sterilization to eliminate possible stray bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Through the use of mushroom medium steriliser, the medium is treated with high temperature and pressure to ensure that the medium reaches a sterile state, creating favourable conditions for the pure growth of mycelium.


The sterilized medium is inoculated under aseptic conditions. The technicians will transplant the selected and activated high quality mushroom strains onto the culture medium through the aseptic operation technique, so that the mycelium can grow and propagate smoothly in the medium.


The inoculated medium will be transferred to suitable temperature and humidity conditions for incubation, which is the process of mycelial growth. At this stage, the mycelium will penetrate deep into the medium in a dark and constant temperature and humidity environment, expanding and growing until the medium is completely occupied by the mycelium, fully preparing for the subsequent growth and development of the substrate (mushroom).

The mushroom media sterilizer has a large capacity design, which not only meets the batch sterilisation requirements of mass production, but also equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, which ensures that the stray bacteria in the medium are killed evenly and thoroughly within a short period of time, effectively preventing the competition of strains and guaranteeing a high survival rate and excellent quality of the mushrooms after inoculation.

Do you want to know more how to culture medium for growing mushrooms?



4. Superheated Water Spray Sterilizer



It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry for high and low temperature sterilisation operation of liquids in glass bottles, ampoules, plastic bottles, plastic soft bags, etc. It is also suitable for high and low temperature sterilisation operation of various sealed packages, drinking liquids and canned foods in food industry.

Water bath sterilization process:

Water Injection and Preheating

Inject the treated sterile water into the water tank of the water bath steriliser, and heat the water to the preset temperature through the heat exchanger system, generally around 90-100 degrees Celsius, in preparation for the subsequent sterilization stage.

Sterilization Stage

When the water temperature reaches the preset sterilization temperature (e.g. 121°C or higher), slowly immerse the baskets or trays containing the items into the water bath to ensure that the items are completely surrounded by high temperature steam.
Activate the counter-pressure function to maintain a positive pressure environment inside to prevent the container from bursting due to excessive steam pressure, and also to ensure uniformity and thoroughness of the sterilization effect.
Maintain this high temperature state for a period of time (according to the specific sterilisation time-temperature curve) to ensure that micro-organisms are effectively inactivated.

Venting and Cooling Phase
Once the sterilization is complete, the steam is slowly released through a safe exhaust valve, while a cooling medium may be introduced through the heat exchanger to gradually reduce the temperature of the water bath to a safe level for the safe removal of the sterilized items.
The cooling process is also usually controlled to a certain rate in order to prevent condensate dripping onto the item as a result of the item cooling too quickly.

Unloading and Storage
Once the temperature has dropped to a suitable range, staff wearing sterile gloves can open the water bath sterilizer, remove the sterilised items and place them in a sterile environment for storage or use.


5. Steam&Air Mixture Sterilizer

terminal sterilization,steam autoclave

Water Spray Or Air Steam Autoclave


This high-end sterilization equipment combines efficient sterilization with environmental adaptability and is designed to meet the high standards of sterilisation required by different industries. Its core technology lies in the mixing of high-temperature and high-pressure steam with a precisely controlled ratio of air or the use of superheated circulating water as the sterilizing medium, creating a more homogeneous and penetrating sterilizing medium that effectively kills all kinds of stubborn micro-organisms including spores and ensures comprehensive and reliable sterilizing effects.


1) Pharmaceutical Industry


The sterilisers are used to sterilize production equipment, pipework and containers in aseptic preparation lines.
For example, pre-filled glass syringes and plastic syringes are used to ensure the sterility of the drug in the syringe, to protect the patient from foreign microbial infections, and to maintain the stability and safety of the drug.

2) Food Processing


For food packaging materials, containers and processing equipment, the sterilizer can effectively remove bacteria and moulds, especially in the production of high-risk food products (such as dairy products, fruit juices, canned goods, etc.), to ensure food safety and prolong the shelf life of the product.


3) Medical Instruments and Hospital Sterilization


Applied to the sterilization treatment of surgical instruments, implants and medical consumables, it reduces the potential damage to medical instruments and guarantees the safety of medical operations.
For example, the aseptic state of blood products during collection, storage and transport, efficient sterilization of blood bags, infusion pipelines, etc., maintains the safety of blood transfusion and reduces the risk of transfusion-transmitted diseases.


4) Cosmetics and Health Products Production


Ensure the aseptic status of materials and containers during the production process to prevent microbial contamination and protect product quality and consumer health.
For mask products made of various materials, including non-woven fabrics, bio-fibres, gels, etc., the steam mixed air sterilization technology can penetrate deeply into the interior of the package without destroying the active ingredients of the mask, effectively killing bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms to ensure the sterility of the mask products. The precise control of temperature and humidity in this process avoids the damage of high temperature to the mask material, ensures the integrity of the texture and nutrients of the mask, extends the shelf life of the product, and enhances consumers’ experience and trust.


The sterilizer can adjust the temperature, time and pressure according to the characteristics of different items and materials to achieve customized sterilization solutions, thereby providing safe, efficient and reliable sterilization solutions in various fields, which is the ideal choice for the pursuit of excellent production quality and hygiene standards.


6. Spice Sterilizer

food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization
DZG Spice Sterilization Machine


The steam sterilizer, specially designed for the spice sector, has redefined the standard of spice processing with its excellent sterilization efficiency and meticulous treatment process. For chilli, chilli powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, pepper powder and other spices, this equipment provides a set of comprehensive and fine sterilization solutions to ensure the purity and safety of each spice.


Fine Sterilization, Pure Flavour

Adopting advanced steam infiltration technology and precise control of temperature and time, the machine penetrates deep into the spices, effectively eliminating microorganisms in chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper and other spices, while preserving their unique aroma and colour, and not impairing their natural flavour, to meet the needs of high-quality spice processing.


Customised Programme

A variety of sterilization programs are designed for different spice characteristics. Whether it is deep penetration sterilization of dried chilli, or detailed treatment of chilli powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, or even uniform sterilization of fine particles such as pepper powder, it is easy to cope with the individual sterilization program to ensure that each kind of spice can get the most suitable care.


Energy Efficient

The integrated high-efficiency steam generation system reduces energy consumption and shortens processing cycles. Closed-cycle design reduces heat waste and production costs, while conforming to the concept of green production, adding environmental competitiveness for your business.


Intelligent Operation

Intelligent control system is adopted, the operation interface is intuitive and friendly, whether it is parameter setting, process monitoring or fault warning, it can be easily mastered to ensure easy and fast operation, and at the same time, built-in multiple safety protection mechanisms for production safety escort.


Quality Enhancement

Widely used in the spice manufacturing industry, spice export processing, etc., this steam sterilizer has become the preferred equipment to improve the quality of spices and ensure food safety, and it is a strong backing for your brand reputation and product competitiveness.

Choosing this spice steam sterilizer means choosing the ultimate pursuit of spice quality, so that each spice can retain its original charm while achieving the highest hygiene standards, bringing safe and pure taste enjoyment to diners around the world.


7. Rotary Sterilizer

continuous rotary sterilizer,water shower autoclave,water shower autoclave,pharmaceutical product sterilization,pharma sterilization 

XG Fat Emulsion Rotary Sterilizer


With its innovative rotary technology, this device redefines the world of efficient, homogeneous and safe sterilization.

The unique rotary design ensures a continuous flow of sterilizing liquid during the process, effectively avoiding the formation of deposits, and providing full, dead-end sterilization of every drop of liquid in ampoules and infusion bags, especially for complex liquids such as suspensions and emulsions, to ensure complete sterilisation.

Wide range of applications: whether it is used in high-standard pharmaceutical production lines or sterile preparation rooms in hospitals, this rotary sterilizer can be used with ease, becoming a key equipment to guarantee the safety of liquid medicines and improve product quality.


As the behind-the-scenes hero of protecting health, sterilizer provides efficient, safe and customized sterilization solutions for different fields with its diversified design and innovative technology. Whether it is precision medical equipment, sensitive food raw materials, or biological products with strict requirements for a sterile environment, a variety of sterilizers are unique to ensure that every step from production to use meets sterile standards.


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