• pure steam generator,electric steam generator,clean steam boiler,clean steam generator,industrial steam heating
  • pure steam generator,electric steam generator,clean steam boiler,clean steam generator,industrial steam heating

Water-Pure Pure Steam Generator Clean Steam Boiler Industrial Steam Heating

The heating tube of steam generator is in accordance with JB/T 2379. The heating tube shell is made of austenitic stainless steel 00Cr17Nr14Mo2. This machine is suitable for no industrial steam production place, is the hospital, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, chemical and other industries of the ideal sterilization equipment.

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Pure Steam Generator Clean Steam Boiler Industrial Steam Heating Features:

Pure steam generator features:

Purified water into the evaporator, boiler steam heating and secondary steam generated by the removal of bacterial endotoxin and other impurities by the separation of steam, referred to as pure steam.

This Steam Generator uses steam to heat pure water to produce pure steam. Clean Steam boiler is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries to provide high quality steam for high quality sterilization. Meet the steam quality requirements, can effectively prevent the yellow bag, wet bag problems caused by poor steam quality. It is the most reliable technology for producing pure, pyrogen-free sterile steam. Industrial steam heating is defined as non-condensed water for injection, in accordance with the Indian, British and US pharmacopoeia.

1. Pure, sterile and pyrogen-free steam in accordance with USP standards.

2. Compact design.

3. All contact parts adopt SS 316/ SS 316 L.

4. Electropolish internal contact surfaces with fewer gaps.

5. PLC based automatic operating system.

6. Available output: 100-2000L/h

Electric Steam Generator Features:

Electric Steam Generator is a pure steam generator with electric energy as the heating source. Electric heating pure steam generator will be purified water heating steam generated after evaporation, can effectively remove the entrained water droplets in the steam and pyrogens centrifugal separation structure, the pure steam produced by condensation water.

Clean Steam Generator Optional condenser configuration for water for injection production. And has the following characteristics:

1. Output from 20 to 500 L/h;

2. When condensing, the resulting water for injection complies with US- (USP), European- (EP) and other pharmaceutical specifications

3. Separation system ensures high quality of pure steam

4. The material of the flow part is stainless steel 316L, and the frame is 304

5. Complete verification supports file systems


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Model Steam Pressure(Mpa) Steam Output(L/h) Consumption of
the Steam(L/h)
Consumption of
the Purified Water(L/h)
Pure Steam
Dimension L×W×H(㎜)
Water-pure100 0.3 100 130 125 0.3 700×900×2500
Water-pure200 0.3 200 260 250 0.3 700×1000×2700
Water-pure300 0.3 300 390 375 0.3 800×1100×2800
Water-pure400 0.3 400 520 500 0.3 800×1200×3000
Water-pure500 0.3 500 650 625 0.3 800×1300×3100
Water-pure600 0.3 600 780 750 0.3 900×1300×3100
Water-pure700 0.3 700 910 875 0.3 900×1300×3100
Water-pure800 0.3 800 1040 1000 0.3 1000×1300×3200
Water-pure900 0.3 900 1170 1125 0.3 1000×1300×3200
Water-pure1000 0.3 1000 1300 1250 0.3 1200×1300×3200
Water-pure1500 0.3 1500 1950 1875 0.3 1400×1300×3200
Water-pure2000 0.3 2000 2600 2500 0.3 1400×1300×3200
Note:Steam output of 100~500L/h can choose electric heating steam generator