Resource utilization of medical waste


About 80% of medical waste can be reused after professional treatment, that is, medical waste can be converted into resources. For example, plastic products in medical waste can be transformed into plastic particles and then converted into fuel through high-temperature smelting technology. It is also used to convert some of the ingredients into waste or other materials.

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What are the methods of medical waste resource utilization?


Resource recovery of medical waste refers to transforming reusable parts or components into usable materials after treatment through medical waste treatment technology. For example, plastic from medical waste can be turned into plastic pellets that can be used as fuel. The metal can also be smelted into finished products.

Many medical wastes have duality, that is, the same substance is hazardous waste in a certain environment and may become a resource in another condition.

In order to effectively treat medical waste and reduce pollution, the corresponding treatment process can be selected according to the source, yield and characteristics. At the same time, it can also realize the desire of medical waste resource utilization.


But now, the prospect of medical waste into use is not particularly optimistic, dealing with medical waste still use traditional incineration, burying method, makes the medical waste resource utilization rate is low, the key factor is the medical waste may carry the pathogenic and dangerous microbes, if things like existing living garbage collection and recycling, Will pose a great risk to the environment and practitioners.

resource utilization,medical waste treatment,waste utilization,medical autoclave,steam sterilizatio

The best treatment method of medical waste is that the medical waste after disinfection and harmless treatment can be reused as a recycling resource, so as to reduce the consumption of raw materials and achieve emission reduction.

The medical autoclave that uses steam to sterilize equipment and other objects, primarily for medical waste treatment purposes. This means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are inactivated by using such high temperatures that no bacteria can survive, and therefore the items are considered safe to recycle or dispose of.

The use of this steam sterilization of medical waste waste non-infectious, turned into ordinary waste; After being disinfected, waste can be disposed of normally in solid waste landfills or turned into a resource that can be reused.


The reuse of medical waste will not only reduce the harm to the environment and human beings, but also create profits for the relevant hospitals or medical institutions.

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