Shredding medicine bottles and pharmaceutical waste


Why shred medicine bottles?

Although the label on the prescription bottle does not list your full medical history, having enough data available for people to access further to obtain as much information as possible can pose the same risk as the theft of paper medical records.
It is therefore important to ensure that you also shred your medicine bottles as it is not only good for security, but also for efficiency and legal compliance.

How do I prepare shredded medicine bottles?

The pill bottle shredding service offers a quick, easy and reliable way to ensure the security of medical information on pill bottles.
Bottle shredding is safe and easy. The following steps outline the process of shredding medicine bottles.
1. Separate the medicine bottles from the rest of the waste. This can cost more if your material is not separated before it is sent in. In addition you should all do your part to help protect the environment.
2. Empty all bottles completely. If there is any medication left in your prescription bottles, it will be shredded along with the rest of the material. These pills will turn to dust, which is dangerous for any employee who comes into contact with it.
3. Empty bottles are picked up and taken to the shredding facility.
4. Bottles and labels are dumped in an industrial shredder and are completely crushed.
5. Bottle fragments are recycled.

How do I shred medicines?

While there are tools available to safely remove medicine bottle labels or ink over private information, the safest and most effective way to ensure that patient information is not readable is to shred medicine bottles.
Pill bottle shredding Most people are aware of document shredding services, but what is less well known is that industrial shredders can destroy any material containing sensitive information, including hard drives, electronics and pill bottles.
Rather than risk exposing private information, use a pill bottle shredding service. They will completely destroy the medicine bottles and their labels, ensuring that the information on them is unrecognisable.shred medicine,medicine crusher machine,pill bottle shredding,industrial shredder,shredding services

The medicine crusher machine is driven by a three-phase 2.2kw motor, with low power consumption, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and uses a low speed, high torque twin shaft shredder that can easily shred items with packaging, whether plastic bottles, glass bottles or metal packaging, with high efficiency.
The new design of the medicine crusher machine is more reliable than the traditional shredder, with an anti-splash device at the feed opening and an emergency switch to prevent personal injury caused by improper operation, and the machine cannot work if the door or cover is open.
The industrial shredder is equipped with electrostatic spraying technology, with a beautiful appearance and strong rust and corrosion resistance; the machine is equipped with heavy-duty castors, which can easily move the machine’s working position, making it extremely convenient to operate and ideal for indoor use in some large pharmaceutical companies, clinics or hospitals.

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