• twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price
  • twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price
  • twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price
  • twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price

WRMW Single And Twin Shaft Shredder Medical Waste Machine Price

This medical waste shredder integrates double chamber classification treatment, differentiated shredding technology, intelligent touch operation, humanized material configuration, low speed high torque crushing, anti-rebound safety design and intelligent reversal and environmental protection characteristics, to achieve fine, efficient and safe treatment of medical waste.

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Single And Twin Shaft Shredder Medical Waste Machine Price Features:

Dual-chamber Classification

The medical waste shredder is equipped with two independent chambers to accurately categorize waste of different natures and meet diversified processing needs.


Differentiated Shredding Between Left and Right Chambers

The left chamber adopts single-axis design, specializing in soft or fibrous materials; the right chamber is equipped with a double-axis system, which can effectively deal with hard or complex wastes and ensure efficient shredding.


Intelligent Touch Control Operation

Integrated touch screen control system, intuitive and friendly operating interface, accurate and convenient parameter adjustment, to achieve fine management and efficient operation.

twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price


Humanized Feding Configuration

The equipment is equipped with a chamber corresponding to the double receiving port, easy to classify and collect the treated waste, improve work efficiency and maintain a good sanitary environment.


Low-speed High-torque Crushing

With low-speed high-torque power characteristics, easy to deal with packaged drugs, especially suitable for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics and other places.


Anti-kickback Safety Design

The inlet adopts anti-kickback structure, effectively preventing the material from splashing during the crushing process and ensuring the safety of operators.


Intelligent Reversal and Environmental Protection Features

When encountering hard objects stuck, the machine can be automatically reversed to avoid failure; crushing the whole process without splashing, no dust, and low noise, green and environmental protection.

twin shaft shredder,medical waste machine price


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Model WRMW-250
Feeding size(mm) 315*250
Export Size(mm) /
Power 2.2Kw
Voltage 3P—380V—50Hz
Cutting Chamber size(mm) 320*160
Crushing Way Double Shaft+ Single Shaft
Cutting Knives Diameter(mm) Φ170
Cutting knives number(pcs) /
Cutting Knives Thickness(mm) 15
Shaft Speed(Rpm) 25
Final Product Size(mm) 15*60 (Strip Type)
Machine size(mm) 1000*650*1200
Capacity(kg) 80~120
Machine Weight(kg) 500
Noise(dB) ≦75
Colors White+Blue