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WRMC Slow Speed Shredder Drug Waste Disposal Small Crusher Machine

Medical waste refers to all kinds of wastes generated by hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, doctors’ offices, sanatoriums, blood banks, collection centers and other medical and health institutions. Medical facility staff, patients, waste handlers and even the general public. It may also pollute the environment. Therefore, it is important that all clinical waste is properly sorted and isolated at the time of generation so that it is treated and disposed of in a safe manner. Medical waste shredder is a good choice for proper disposal of medical waste.



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Slow Speed Shredder Drug Waste Disposal Small Crusher Machine Description:

The biggest problem facing all of us today is pollution caused by the unsafe disposal of toxic and harmful substances. Because empty glucose bottles, hose syringes, gloves, waste paper and other materials when burning will release gas. Such materials must be properly disposed of by other safe methods, and when thrown away they are collected and resold in new packaging, giving the impression of new packaging and causing deadly diseases to spread among us. Drug waste disposal aims to avoid such infections and make the environment pollution-free.
Drug crusher is designed for a wide variety of materials and is a versatile device, which is a small biaxial shredder device and has a fairly wide range of uses. Generally used for small yield shredding processing. Small Shredder Machine provides the right balance between capacity and horsepower requirements. Slow speed shredder can tear medical waste into uniform particle size, less than 50mm, to improve incineration efficiency.
Small crusher machines are designed for shredding plastic hospital waste, such as blood bags, IV blood transfusions, disposable buckets, syringes, scalpel blades, needles, glass, vials, etc.

Three advantages:

1. High efficiency: high quality tool alloy steel, not easy to jam, stable operation.
2. Smooth: smooth surface without interference, minimum crushing to 1mm.
3. Independent design: parts are easy to disassemble, clean and clean;
Can be customized according to the material.

Slow Speed Shredder Drug Waste Disposal Small Crusher Machine Features:

1. Applicable to the crushing and destruction of biomedical waste. Such as infusion tubes, infusion bottles, gauze, gloves, expired drugs, etc
2. Mature processing technology, box body, tool rest and other important parts are integrated processing, to ensure the matching accuracy;
3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, energy saving and durable, economical and practical;
4. A number of safety devices to ensure safe operation;
5. Adopt sound insulation treatment to reduce noise;
6. Large shear strength, fine discharge particle size, long service life
7. Low speed, stable and reliable use.
8. Adjustable discharging particle size, wide range of application.
6. The slow speed crusher adopts sealed bearing to keep the bearing rotating for a long time. The knife shape design is reasonable, the product granulation is uniform, the knife holder is heat shrinkable, the shape design is beautiful and generous;

drug waste disposal,drug crusher,small shredder machine,small crusher machine,slow speed shredder


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Model WRMC-30 WRMC-40
Features Crush Pharmaceutical Waste, MIM, plastic, rubber, etc.
Total power 4kw 7.5kw
Diameter of crushing mouth 290* 220mm 400* 250mm
Fixed knife quantity 2 2
Rotating knives quantity 6 6
Sieve size(mm) 6, 8, 10 (optional)
Tank capacity 23L 45L
Move method Mobile casters
Dimensions 982*666*1100mm 1105* 850*1220mm
Weight 375kg 630kg