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QPQ001 Basic Soft/Hard Endoscope Cleaning Machines Workstation With 4 Sinks

The endoscope cleaning machines workstation is a medical device with high quality materials and advanced technology, featuring efficient cleaning, intelligent control and safety. Its main structure uses the rigorously tested PMMA composite material and SUS304 stainless steel to ensure durability and non-toxicity

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Soft/Hard Endoscope Cleaning Machines Workstation With 4 Sinks Features:

1. Material and Quality Assurance

Adopting PMMA special composite material which has been professionally tested to ensure mechanical strength, chemical corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. The main structure is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel and adopts surface spraying process to effectively prevent expansion and rust.

2. Humanized design

Parallel door design, ergonomic requirements, convenient for operators to carry out daily operation and maintenance; built-in hanging cabinet design increases the storage space to meet the daily storage needs.

3. Intelligent control system

Setting and controlling each functional parameter through human-computer interaction interface, one-key start equipment, simplifying the operation process; the same interface can complete the operation switching and monitoring of all functional slots, and real-time display of the operation status.

endoscope cleaning machines

4. Endoscopic lumen cleaning function

The workstation realizes the endoscopic lumen pulse liquid and gas injection cleaning mode, the liquid and gas injection time can be adjusted through the man-machine interface according to the needs; optional irrigation flow monitoring function, real-time monitoring of water and gas injection to ensure the lumen cleaning effect.

5. Clean gas supply

Air-cooling, purification and drying technology and 0.01μm high-precision filters are adopted to provide a deep clean gas source; an oil-free air compressor is equipped to realize double purification to remove water and gas to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the gas.

6. Disinfectant management and safety protection

The workstation can real-time monitoring and automatic alarm prompts the number of times the disinfectant is used and the use of time, to ensure the disinfection effect; passive disinfectant recycling and adding devices to avoid pipeline contact to reduce corrosion and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

7. Gas emission protection mechanism

With a gas resolution system that can dilute the volatile disinfectant in the tank and discharge through a dedicated exhaust channel to reduce the occupational hazards of healthcare workers; at the same time, equipped with a strong exhaust system to effectively eliminate the overflow of disinfectant gases, building a two-layer protective barrier for healthcare workers.

endoscope cleaning machines


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