• solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder
  • solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder
  • solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder
  • solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder

WRMW-053 Solid Waste Shredder Slow Speed Biomedical Waste Shredder With Ultraviolet Sterilization

Medical waste shredders are used to reduce the volume of organic waste by crushing, and the use of organic shredders is very necessary in today’s environment. The shredder can be used for shredding medical wastes such as medicine bottles, infusion tubes, needles, syringes, disposable gloves, cotton gauze, etc. We manufacture a variety of durable shredders according to customer needs.

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Solid Waste Shredder Biomedical Waste Shredder Description:

This powerful solid waste shredder is designed to shred and reduce medical waste into small particles, making it easy to handle and dispose of. With advanced technology, shredders can quickly and easily process large amounts of waste, saving you time and effort. Medical waste shredder is chopped into small pieces by rotating blades to reduce its volume and facilitate subsequent disinfection and disposal. The crushing effect depends on the material, shape, quantity and other factors of the blade. In general, the crushing effect of the double shaft shredder is better, and the medical waste can be broken into pieces of less than 50mm.


Medical waste shredder plays an important role in hospital waste treatment, which can effectively reduce the harm of medical waste to the human body and the environment.

4 Steps to deal with clinical waste:

1. Separate and collect medical waste.

2. Load medical waste into the hopper of the shredder.

3. Start the shredder and shred the medical waste.

4. Disinfect or incinerate the crushed medical waste.

solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder



Solid Waste Shredder Biomedical Waste Shredder Features:


1. Medical waste shredder can break/grind Xilin bottles, ampoules, glucose bottles, syringes, catheters, salt bottles, blister packaging, brine pipes and other medical waste.

2. It can also be used for the treatment of plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and plastic, paper, cloth and rubber waste in daily life.

solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder


Medical Waste Shredder Features:

1. High torque, low speed technology effective processing to ensure shredding quality.

2. This equipment has low noise and no dust, which is more suitable for hospital use.

3. It covers a small area and can be placed in a small space.

4. Provide all safety functions, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, door opening switch and reverse.

5. With ultraviolet disinfection, it can sterilize medical waste.

6. Install four casters for easy movement

solid waste shredder,slow speed shredder,medical waste shredder


Security protection:

1. Leakage protection

2. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

3. Interface safety voltage

4. Scram function

5. Ground conductor


Shredding waste makes garbage undistinguishable and prevents the reuse of infectious biomedical waste. We offer shredders in various capacities, depending on the type of material required for output.



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Model WRMW-053
Feeding size(mm) 300*400
Export Size(mm) /
Power 3Kw
Voltage 3P—380V/Optional
Cutting Chamber size(mm) 450*500*400
Crushing Way Double Shaft
Cutting Knives Diameter(mm) /
Cutting knives number(pcs) 18~24
Cutting Knives Thickness(mm) 15
Shaft Speed(Rpm) 25
Final Product Size(mm) 8~15
Machine size(mm) 860*960*1300
Capacity(kg) 200~300
Machine Weight(kg) 500
Noise(dB) /
Colors Grey