• food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization
  • food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization
  • food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization
  • food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization

DZG Spice Herb Powder Food Sterilization Machine

Food spice sterilizer, as the industry’s cutting-edge food processing solution, leads flavor processing into a new era of efficient asepsis with its excellent performance and innovative technology. This steam flavor sterilizer not only ensures that the food safety of the product meets the most stringent standards, but also preserves the natural and unique flavor and nutritional value of the fragrance to the greatest extent possible, setting an industry benchmark for quality excellence for your brand.

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Food Sterilization Machine Description:

How do we sterilize spices/herbs/powders?

Food sterilization using a steam sterilizer is one of the best methods as it is effective and natural. The process has become the standard treatment for herbs, spices and dehydrated vegetables in Africa and around the world.


1. Keep the natural properties of the food without changing the taste, color and nutritional content.

2. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the microorganisms in food can be quickly and effectively killed, extending the shelf life of food.

3. Steam is made of water evaporation, and the safety factor is very high, without pollution and resid


food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization


Garlic Cinnamon Ginger Turmeric
Saffron Pepper Mace Nutmeg
Paprika Cayenne Pepper Fennel Coriander Seeds
Caraway Seed Mustard Seeds Cumin Cloves
Star Anise Sumac Other Spice

food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization

Inspection Certificate

food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization

Sterilization Process:

Preheating → Pulsating Vacuum → Heating → Sterilization → Drying → Unloading


Food Sterilization Machine Features:

Sterilization chamber

1. The food sterilization cabinet room and door are made of 304 stainless steel structure.

2. Cabin adopts inside and outside double-layer structure, jacket design can ensure the steam saturation and heat more uniform distribution.


Control system

1. Adopt Siemens control system, including pressure controller, recorder and other components to form a complete control system.

2. The temperature, pressure, time, process stage and preset parameters of the sterilization process are automatically displayed in the touch screen display.

3. The spice sterilization machine equipped with micro printer to print working process parameters, so as to facilitate archiving and reference.

4. The touch screen can realize the electronic signature function to ensure the traceability of the operation process.

5. Use the permission level password control to:

– Operator authority: can open and close doors, start and stop procedures, confirm alarm and other basic operations.

– Technical personnel authority: can modify various process parameters.

– Management authority: can carry out temperature, pressure correction and other operations.

food sterilization,food sterilization machine,spice sterilization,powder sterilization


Piping system

1. Stainless steel Angle seat valve and stainless steel internal polishing pipe fitting, automatic pipe welding machine welding, pipe louie cleaning, no dead Angle;

2. Built-in steam generator, automatic steam generation and automatic water control.

3. Built-in vacuum pump, the cavity of the air out, to ensure the quality of steam.


Safety system

1. The function of the safety valve is to ensure safety through the predetermined working pressure relief valve.

2. Multiple power protection: leakage protection, overload protection, multi-voltage protection, to ensure the safety of electricity

3. The pressure safety chain is mainly established on the basis of the pressure generated in the chamber of the sterilizer. The operator could not open both doors at the same time, thus preventing the operator from burning.


Drying System

The steam is passed into the coil to achieve rapid drying effect and reduce the water content of the product.


Optional Function:

Remote Monitoring System:

The sterilizer has wireless communication function, which can be connected to the remote monitoring end through terminal routing, and the data can be directly monitored in real time via WiFi or 4G/5G network to realize remote monitoring of sterilization status, temperature, sandwich pressure, F0 value, front and back door status and other information. With high precision and high acquisition rate, the sterilization environment can be monitored 24/7, improving the operational efficiency of spice sterilization.
If the temperature, pressure and time data are abnormal and do not meet the pressure steam sterilization requirements, the operator can see the abnormal information on the platform.


CIP Washing Function:

Ensure the quality of the final product and meet stringent hygiene requirements. The CIP program cleans dirt while also killing microorganisms inside the equipment. With an automated and well-designed monitoring system, better cleaning results are guaranteed to ensure the production of consistently high quality products.



To ensure that we can provide you with the most accurate and efficient sterilization solutions, when you are interested in our steam spice sterilizers, please tell us the following key information:

1. Details of the product to be sterilized: Please describe in detail the type of spice or product you need to sterilize, including its physical state (such as powder, granule, block, etc.) and possible special properties (such as heat sensitivity, Moisture content, etc.) so that we can customize the best sterilization plan for you.
2. Expected production requirements: Provide a rough production range based on your daily or maximum production capacity requirements, so that we can recommend matching equipment models and configurations to ensure your maximum production efficiency.

By understanding these core parameters, we will go all out to provide personalized services for your company to help you easily cope with various production needs.


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Design pressure Working Pressure Design Temperature Working Temperature Heat Equilibrium Vacuum Steam Source Pressure Water Source Pressure Compressed Air Pressure
0.245Mpa 0.22Mpa 139℃ 134℃ ≤±1℃ -0.095Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.2-0.3Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Specifications Overall Dimensions Chamber Size Steam Consumption Power Loading(kg) Loading Cart(pcs) Tap Water consumption Net Weight
Model L*M*H(mm) L*W*H(mm) (kg/cycle) (KW) (kg)
Single/Double Door
DZG-0.36 1195*1220*1720 1000*600*600 50 1.5 30~50 400 760
DZG-0.6 1245*1300*1880 1050*680*850 60 2 60~90 500 1100
DZG-0.8 1595*1300*1880 1400*680*850 70 3 80~130 1 700 1300
DZG-1.2 1695*1370*1960 1500*750*1100 80 3 120~230 2 700 1900
DZG-2.5 3195*1370*1960 3000*750*1100 160 4.5 250~480 4 1200 2800
DZG-5.0 3635*1800*2200 3400*1000*1500 350 7.5 500~900 4 1600 4500
DZG-8.0 5635*1800*2200 5400*100*1500 450 7.5 800~1500 6 1600 7500