• spice mill grinder,coarse crushing
  • spice mill grinder,coarse crushing

PNSC Series Spice Mill Grinder Coarse Crushing Machine

The mill has the advantages of simple and firm structure, stable operation and high crushing efficiency. The pulverized material can be discharged through the pulverizing chamber. In addition, by replacing the screen with different mesh numbers, particles or powders of different sizes can be obtained. Scope of application: sugar, rice, salt, pepper, pepper, coriander, turmeric powder, dried cassava, Chinese herbal medicine, etc

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Spice Mill Grinder Coarse Crushing Machine Features:

Working principle:

The spice mill grinder consists of four parts: frame, motor, feed hopper and crushing mechanism. The material enters the crushing chamber directly through the feed hopper, and the purpose of crushing is achieved through the strong shear of the moving knife and the fixed knife rotating at medium speed. By adjusting the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife, the size of the particle can be controlled. Through the control of the screen, the particles that meet the requirements will be discharged from the discharge port, while the materials that do not meet the requirements will continue to be cut and broken in the crushing chamber until the requirements are met.


The coarse crushing machine is suitable for supporting equipment before fine crushing in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and has a good effect on most materials.

Suitable for primary mill. If you are looking for a spice mill, food mill, our coarse mill is perfect for you.

spice mill grinder,coarse crushing


1. Stainless steel body
It is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel material. Stainless steel material is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and food.

2. Shaft
The shaft rotator is located at the top of the coarse crusher. The shaft rotates with the elbow plate to produce compression movement.

3. Set of blades
The coarse crusher has a set of fixed knives and movable knives to crush dry, coarse solid particles into fine powder.

4. Capacity
The production capacity of their equipment ranges from 50kg/hour to 1000kg/hour.

5. Filter
It can be adjusted for final size and also very easy to replace and clean.


spice mill grinder,coarse crushing




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Model Main dimensions(mm) Production capacity(kg/h) Feeding granularity(mm) Discharging mesh numbers(mm) Spindle rotation speed(rpm) Total power(kw) Weight(kg)
(L) (W) (H) Benchtop (H)
PNSC-200S 560 580 1200 900 50-200 ≤100 0.5-20 650 3 220
PNSC-300S 560 680 1250 1000 80-300 ≤100 0.5-20 650 4 300
PNSC-500S 560 780 1300 1100 100-500 ≤100 0.5-20 650 5.5 420
PNSC-700S 560 880 1500 1300 120-700 ≤100 0.5-20 650 7.5 580
PNSC-1000S 560 980 1700 1550 150-1000 ≤100 0.5-20 650 11 750