• steam air mixture autoclave,terminal sterilization of prefilled syringes,terminal sterilization 

FGS Steam Air Mixture Autoclave Terminal Sterilization Of Prefilled Syringes

Each mixed steam air Sterilizer is designed and developed to meet GMP sterilization requirements in pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects. These pharmaceutical grade sterilizers are a new generation of sterilization and vacuum drying equipment, equipped with a printer, PLC and touch screen HMI to provide a friendly human-machine interface for automatic control, automatic temperature recording, vacuum drying and more. These sterilizers use full steam as the sterilizing medium and are configured as single entry or through (single or double door).

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Terminal Sterilization Of Prefilled Syringes Description:

We work closely with pharmaceutical companies to design steam air mixture autoclave to meet the requirements of effective terminal sterilization of products. Each unit demonstrates excellent user friendliness and has features that make work safe and convenient. These devices exhibit excellent air vapor distribution uniformity throughout the chamber. Our air steam sterilizers have advanced control systems that enable users to adjust cycle parameters extremely quickly.

The terminal sterilization of prefilled syringes is the greatest feature that the product can be used at any time after drying. Each machine can be fitted with a fully automatic loading and unloading trolley for maximum productivity.

Steam Air Mixture Autoclave Terminal Sterilization Of Prefilled Syringes Features:

Using the principle of air and steam mixed pressure sterilization, through one or several high energy two-speed fans, the mixed gas in the process of sterilization forced circulation. Mainly for containers and packaging must be cooled dry products sterilization (such as inspection, labeling, packaging, etc.). It is suitable for large capacity injection in plastic bag, solution in open or semi-closed container, glass container, small bottle or ampoule, contact lens in bubble cap, pre-filled syringe, etc. The main feature of this method is that the product is completely dry after sterilization.

steam air mixture autoclave,terminal sterilization of prefilled syringes,terminal sterilization 

1. This machine adopts high quality stainless steel process design and manufacture, rectangular cabinet, inside and outside two layers to meet the GMP pharmaceutical requirements.

2. The sterilizer adopts double door design to separate the sterilizer from the cleaning room and the sterilizing room. Single or double doors are available.

3. Door control adopts interlocking device to avoid pollution caused by different air levels.

4. Sterilization includes 5 stages: preparation → vacuum → heating → sterilization → drying → end

5. Steam heating inside jacket, constant temperature vacuum drying.

6. The control system is controlled by PLC+ touch screen. Parameters such as vacuum degree, temperature, pressure and time can be set.

7. Built-in micro needle printer, real-time printing temperature, pressure, time, project, operator and so on.

8. Built-in steam generator, water pump, vacuum pump, all use high quality accessories, to achieve the best energy efficiency.

9. Rapid cooling and drying technology

steam air mixture autoclave,terminal sterilization of prefilled syringes,terminal sterilization 

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Model Chamber Size Overall Dimensions Steam Consumption Water Consumption Power Weight
FG-S0.24 700×600×600 970×1320×1800 20 150 2.5 900
FG-S0.36 1000×600×600 1270×1320×1800 30 150 2.5 1000
FG-S0.6 1050×680×850 1330×1400×1920 35 200 2.5 1200
FG-S0.8 1400×680×850 1680×1400×1920 40 220 2.5 1400
FG-S1.0 1250×750×1100 1530×1480×2000 45 250 4.5 1500
FG-S1.2 1500×750×1100 1780×1480×2000 50 300 4.5 1700
FG-S1.5 1820×750×1100 2100×1480×2000 60 350 4.5 1900
FG-S1.8 2200×750×1100 2480×1480×200 65 380 4.5 2100
FG-S2.0 2450×750×1100 2730×1480×2000 70 400 4.5 2300
FG-S2.5 1700×1000×1500 2050×1800×2200 80 450 5.5 2800
FG-S3.0 2000×1000×1500 2350×1800×2200 100 550 5.5 3200
FG-S4.0 2700×1000×1500 3050×2050×2200 120 650 6.5 3800
FG-S5.0 3400×1000×1500 3750×2200×2200 150 750 7.5 4500