Steam sterilization is used in medical field


Steam sterilization plays a vital role in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, or other medical facilities. The selection and purchase of steam sterilizers is an important process for medical institutions.

Steam sterilization, as a sterilization method in medical institutions, has many advantages, including low cost, safety and effectiveness. The speed and productivity of steam sterilizers are superior to other forms of sterilization when dealing with heat stabilized materials. Medical instruments that can be handled in a steam sterilizer include surgical instruments, implantable medical instruments, and surgical sheets. Staff in the aseptic handling department should always follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions when handling the equipment. Steam sterilization is considered to be a reliable and consistent method of sterilization throughout the medical establishment.

Steam sterilization is achieved by exposing the item to be sterilized to saturated steam under pressure. Steam enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms by reducing the time and temperature required to denature or solidify the proteins in the microbes. All sterilization processes of medical devices have three common characteristics: air removal, steam injection and sterilization stage, and steam removal and drying.

Prior to operation, air must be removed from the sterilization chamber and load in order to ensure saturated steam conditions. This is accomplished by a vacuum system that provides a series of vacuum pulses. This is usually done by applying a vacuum to the chamber at the end of the cycle to boil all the condensates and transporting them through the vacuum for proper and complete drying. The steam is then pressurized to produce the desired sterilization effect for the desired duration. When the cycle is complete, the steam runs out and the cargo can be taken out.

Hospitals are prone to fungi, viruses and deadly bacteria that can cause very serious and sometimes fatal complications. Sterilizing every piece of equipment is essential to ensuring the safety and health of every patient as much as possible.

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YG-0.6 Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer has some advantages of sterilizing medical equipment:

Microbe elimination: Autoclaves sterilize medical items using high-temperature steam released at extremely high pressure. The combination of time, heat, pressure and steam effectively killed all pathogenic microorganisms. After circulation, the device will be completely sterile, safe and ready for immediate use.

Reliable and safe: Using autoclaves to sterilize medical equipment is one of the only guaranteed ways to eliminate the risk of bacteria and disease spreading among patients in a medical setting. The autoclaved method of circulating pressurized heat provides the highest standard of sterilization available. Sterilization with autoclave is almost 100% effective.

Batch Sterilization: Autoclaved autoclaved machines are the perfect choice for medical facilities of all sizes. Autoclaving comes in a variety of sizes, and autoclaving can be quickly, easily and effectively sterilized every time, regardless of the size of the facility.

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