Steam sterilization of spices and herbs


Spices and herbs bring a world of flavors, aromas and colors to our dining tables. Spices and herbs are sourced worldwide and they may be heavily contaminated from the soil where they were grown and harvested. If left untreated, these products can provide perfect conditions for continued growth of the microbes which can lead to spoilage and consumer health issues.Even after processing, the microorganism often exists due to improper handling and low temperature treatment.

As a result, many of the world’s largest spice processing companies have selected the Steam Sterilizer.
Steam is ideal as it is non-toxic, inexpensive and can be produced in an unlimited supply. It is a natural ‘organic’ process that does not leave behind any chemical residue or create toxins.In addition, steam cannot be used for tight goods. It is more suitable for all packaging and wraps that can be penetrated by steam.All types of seeds, nuts, powders and overall, different types of herbs and fragrant products can be sterilized. It also helps to extend the quality of the product. This is a quite expensive thing, but a very useful process.

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DZG Steam Sterilization is achieved by exposing the product to a saturated steam of high temperatures (121 ° C to 134 ° C).The product is placed in a device called autoclave and heated by pressurized steam to kill all microorganisms. Depending on the amount of heat generated, the device is exposed to steam between 3 to 15 minutes. You can get the continuous “inflow” of high pressure steam, resulting in eliminating unwanted microorganisms, resulting in the minimum hazard of the sensory characteristics (flavor, color, texture or taste) of flavors, herbs and nuts. Some isolation / downtime is required after the product is sterilized. Before taken from the high pressure sterilizer, it is necessary to dry the sterilized package to prevent pollution. After rendering, they must be cooled to ambient temperature, which may take a few hours.After sterilization, the storage time can be as long as 2-3 years.

DZG Series Multifunctional Chinese Medicine Sterilizer has the advantages of novel and beautiful, reasonable, fully functional, rapid heating, and thoroughness. Our steam sterilizer is intended to provide reliable performance to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in food.


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