Sterilization technology of pepper powder


Food is easy to be affected by external factors and spoilage, and the role of microorganisms is the most important external factors of food spoilage. Therefore, sterilization technology with the goal of killing microorganisms has been a common concern in food processing industry. Conventional thermal sterilization is easy to destroy some heat-sensitive substances in food, such as food nutrients and certain features (including texture, color and fragrance, etc.), and processing the Browning reaction, affect the colour and lustre, in order to keep the food nutrition and maximize maintain food quality such as colour, aroma and taste, modern high sterilization technology application development constantly.

Capsicum powder is red or red yellow, oily and uniform powder, is by the red pepper, yellow pepper, pepper seeds and part of the pepper rod grind fine mixture, with antipyretic analgesia, increase appetite, reduce fat to reduce weight, prevent cancer and other effects, loved by consumers, with broad market prospects.
This sterilization equipment adopts steam sterilization treatment of pepper powder, fast drying speed, good sterilization effect, not only prolong the storage period of pepper powder, but also improve the quality of pepper powder.
Using “superheated steam” for rapid sterilization, superheated steam has a strong penetration, can quickly and effectively kill the microbes in the pepper. The water content of superheated steam is very low, so it can dry the material without caking. Sterilization temperature: 121-134℃, using superheated steam instantaneous sterilization can maximize the preservation of the flavor and quality of the material.
Steam is mainly through the coagulation of microbial protein caused by its death, steam penetration is strong, steam condensation release a large number of latent heat, can make the object quickly heated, steam sterilization is not only reliable, but also can reduce the sterilization temperature, reduce the action time. Steam sterilization uniformity, penetration, reliability, efficiency and other aspects become the first sterilization.

Paprika Sterilizer Chili Autoclave

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Steam is the most basic sterilization method at present because of its convenient source, low price and reliable sterilization effect.
The following are the features of a pepper sterilizer:
1. The earliest application, the most environmental protection, the most reliable effect
Steam sterilization will not produce any chemical and physical pollution in the process of sterilization, and will not produce toxic or dangerous residues on the chopped pepper.
2. Easy to control, advanced technology. Water injection, exhaust, heating, sterilization, drying and other work processes are fully automated, without personnel supervision.
3. Ensure food quality. The material processed by the pepper crushing sterilizer has good drying effect and is not easy to caking and discoloration, and can extend the shelf life of half a year, which has remarkable effect on improving product quality and prolonging storage cycle.
4. Good sterilization effect. The amount of bacteria in raw materials of pepper powder is about tens to millions. After sterilization treatment, the amount of bacteria (total number of colonies) in pepper powder can reach about 30,000. If the initial content of bacteria in the material is about 100,000 ~ 200,000, microwave sterilization can reach less than 5000, other E. coli, mold and so on can meet the product standards.
The sterilizer is made of stainless steel plate, strong and firm at the same time, the appearance is exquisite; Thermal insulation using polyurethane and perlite wool double thermal insulation, equipment with a standard GMP verification interface, to achieve rapid temperature sterilization effect, greatly shorten the processing time, unique moisture-proof device, drying effect is good, retain the original chili flavor.

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