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  • pre washing machine,automatic flushing tank
  • pre washing machine,automatic flushing tank
  • pre washing machine,automatic flushing tank
  • pre washing machine,automatic flushing tank

DZG-C200 UHT Sterilizer High Temperature Instant Continuous Sterilizer For Chili Spice Powder

This is an advanced heat treatment technology, specially designed for food, medicine, biological products and other industries of efficient sterilization equipment. With excellent performance and precise temperature control as the core advantages, the product can implement efficient high-temperature sterilization treatment on the material in a short time, effectively killing microorganisms and spores, while retaining the original nutrients and quality characteristics of the material to the greatest extent.

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UHT Sterilizer High Temperature Instant Continuous Sterilizer Description:

This is a dynamic continuous sterilization and drying equipment specially designed for continuous conveying, instantaneous high temperature sterilization, drying and cooling of powder and granular materials.

This equipment integrates the functions of material feeding, sterilization, drying and cooling, and operates under closed, continuous and highly automated conditions, so that the high temperature instantaneous sterilization, drying and cooling of materials are completed in the same system in a closed, continuous and automatic manner, which not only fully meets the user’s requirements for sterilization and drying effect, but also effectively prevents agglomeration of powdery and granular materials, and the phenomenon of darkening and darkening of the colour of the materials after sterilization and drying. Sterilization process.


Sterilization principle:

The series of equipment using “instantaneous high temperature” sterilization mode (sterilization time 4 ~ 60 seconds, sterilization temperature 130 ~ 152 ℃), the material is continuously put into the high-pressure steam field at the same time, the rotating mechanism inside the equipment is in a continuous state of operation, so that the material in the process of being turned, stirring the process of getting full and uniform sterilization, after sterilization After sterilization, moulds and bacteria <10 CFU/g. As the sterilization adopts superheated steam, the drying process of the material is carried out synchronously, and after dehumidification and cooling process, the moisture content of the material after sterilization and drying is ≤5%. Instantaneous high-temperature sterilization and drying process can ensure that the loss of active ingredients and various quality (colour, shape, etc.) changes in the phenomenon of control within the minimum limit.

pre washing machine,automatic flushing tank

Structure composition:

1. vacuum feeder

It is used to convey powder and granular materials to the feeding port of the sterilization dryer, and the conveying process is carried out in a completely closed state, which eliminates the pollution and injury caused by dust to the working environment and operators. The machine is equipped with weighing function, which can be controlled automatically and meets the requirements of GMP.


2. Steam generator (optional)

The electrically heated steam generator can produce low pressure steam automatically and continuously, mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, furnace gallbladder and heating system and safety protection system. The steam generator should use purified water or deionised water, and the use of untreated tap water is prohibited.


3. Superheated steam generator

Electrically heated superheated steam generator can automatically and continuously generate superheated steam, mainly composed of automatic control system, heating system and safety protection system. The superheated steam generator uses the saturated steam produced by the steam generator or steam boiler as the gas source, and can stably output superheated steam of 180-300℃.


4. Sterilization and drying device body

The device is a horizontal circular pressurised container with jacket, with internal and external two-layer structure, which is conducive to the sterilization process of preheating, drying and continuous operation.

With pneumatic feeding and discharging components, can complete the material continuous feeding and discharging operations, the device can be set up inside the rotating operation, the temperature can be adjusted cylinder, sterilization and drying process in which the material is turned, stirring, sterilization and uniform.

The device and jacket with temperature sensors and pressure sensors and other interfaces, easy to achieve the device required for the detection, control and verification.

With a vacuum pump, safety valves, angle seat valves, ball valves, filters, check valves, needle valves, traps and pressure controllers. Ensure the safe and reliable operation of the sterilization and drying process.


5. Hot air blower unit

The unit consists of stainless steel blower, stainless steel electric heating box, air sterile filter and stainless steel pipeline, etc. It is used in the dehumidification process after sterilization and drying of materials. The air outlet temperature of the unit is controllable, the air volume is large, the noise is low, and the performance is reliable.


6. Vibrating-type dewetting conveying unit

The part of the unit in direct contact with the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is a kind of equipment for continuous and closed conveying of material with the help of vibration. The materials are dehumidified (after drying) and transported to the next process in this unit.


7. Vibrating type cooling and conveying (discharging) unit

The part of the unit in direct contact with the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is a kind of equipment for continuous and closed conveying of material with the help of vibration, and the unit is equipped with water-cooling components. The material is forced to be cooled during the conveying process in the unit, and then discharged at the discharge port to complete the whole process of sterilization and drying.


8. Water-curtain-type dust collector

It belongs to a kind of wet purification equipment, which can effectively remove the solid particles with a diameter of 0.1~20 microns from the gas stream, and also can remove part of the gaseous pollutants. This equipment has the advantages of simple structure, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance and high purification efficiency, and is used to remove dust and odour in the process of material dehumidification.


Operation process:

Include:System start-up, vacuum loading, programme feeding, sterilization and drying, continuous discharging, dehumidification conveying, cooling conveying and discharging and other steps.

Firstly, the system starts to run after ensuring all necessary conditions (such as power supply, cooling water, steam and compressed air) are sufficient and process parameters are set up; the materials are accurately weighed and conveyed to the sterilization and drying device through the vacuum loading technology in a closed chamber, and then fed in an orderly manner and sterilized and dried efficiently under the programme control, and the materials are uniformly turned and stirred in the high-pressure steam environment in order to achieve full sterilization and drying; after that, the dried materials are discharged by means of continuous discharging, and are cooled and conveyed through a proprietary rotary valve. Afterwards, the dry materials are discharged continuously, and the continuity and sealing of the discharging process is ensured by the proprietary rotary valve. Next, the material enters the dehumidification conveying stage, using vibrating dehumidification conveying unit and hot air blower unit to further dehumidify the material and remove micro dust, and finally after cooling conveying and discharging process, the material is cooled down and sent out, thus completing the whole rigorous and highly efficient sterilization and drying process.

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Model DZG-C200
Design pressure 0.55 MPa
Temperature 100℃~152℃
Loading Capacity 200 kg/h
Size 6000×2000×2800(mm)
Power supply 12 KW,30V 50Hz
Steam 50 kg/h
Cooling water 50~100 kg/h
Compressed air 1m3/h(0.7 MPa)