• counter pressure retort,water immersion retort,retort machinery
  • counter pressure retort,water immersion retort,retort machinery
  • counter pressure retort,water immersion retort,retort machinery

FAC Water Immersion Counter Pressure Retort Machinery

The equipment is all controlled by computer programs, including rotary, spray, static, side spray and other forms.
The contents of sterilization include vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, cans, plastic cups, glass bottles, tinplate and other meat products, soy products, dairy products, edible fungi, condiments, vegetable products, and soups.

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Water Immersion Counter Pressure Retort Machinery Features:

1. Direct heating & indirect cooling, cooling water and process water does not contact, avoid the secondary pollution of the food, no water treatment chemicals. High temperature short time sterilization.

2. A small amount of process water cycle fast, fast to the expected temperature sterilization.

3. Low noise, create quiet and comfortable working environment.

4. Low pressure control, pressure in the entire production process adjustment, to adapt to the product packaging the change of the internal pressure, make the product packaging to meet minimum deformation degree, especially suitable for gas packing and two pieces of tin products.

5. Low process water preheating system can ensure that product which warm fill is continuous heating process.

6. The flange and the top parts of the superior quality, head is made of one-time cold press forming, and after aging, vibration when using won’t produce the deformation and stress.

7. Stainless steel pot body surface by sand grinding processing, improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance, especially corrosion resistance of cooling water to add chlorine.

8. SIEMENS control system, to ensure that customers in the worldwide, the timely find the supply chain, reduce downtime.

9. Saving installation space, convenient operation, saves the manpower (simply operating directly with control cabinet.

10. Low is suitable for beverages, food industry for mass production to feeding and discharge automatically when loading and unloading. It is more convenient in the future in the industry automatic equipment of unmanned workshop.

11. The entire sterilization process PLC automatic linear control, tank thermal distribution of temperature control in the plus or minus 0.5°C, multi-stage heating, energy saving, equipped with F value measurement function (optional, can store 100 sterilization formula.

12. Optional Low temperature steam sterilization function

13. Door: Up open/side open (optional).

counter pressure retort,water immersion retort,retort machinery



The counter pressure retort is suitable for all kinds of high temperature resistant packaging materials.

1. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle.

2. Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag, etc.

3. Metal containers: tin cans, aluminum cans.

4. Glass bottle containers.

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Items Units Φ500# Φ1200# Φ1300# Φ1500# Φ1600#
Length mm 800 3000 3750 4000 3750 4000 4000 5000 6000 6000
Overall length mm 1300 5500 6500 6500 6250 6500 6500 7500 8500 8500
Total width mm 800 1600 1600 1800 1800 1800 2000 2000 2000 2200
Total high mm 1000 1700 1700 1800 1800 1800 2000 2000 2000 2100
Effective volume m3 0.1 2 2.69 3.24 3.03 3.24 4.16 5.2 6.2 7.26
Food basket Piece 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 6
Steam consumption kg/batch 80 200 270 300 270 300 360 430 530 630
Equipment power KW 3.7 15 16.5 18.5 18.5 18.5 24 26 27.5 27.5
Design temperature 145°C
Test pressure 0.44MPa