• industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort
  • industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort
  • industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort

SG Steam Water Spray Retort Industrial Autoclave Manufacturers

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer provides steam sterilization for biology products, instruments, tools, dressings, sterile clothes etc with pulse vacuum. As first stage, these sterilizers adopt pulsation vacuum exhausting process to remove cold air influence to temperature. When sterilizing process finishes, these sterilizers adopt vacuum drying to dry the materials. These units have been proven in a wide range of material sterilizing including clothes, dressings, metal instruments and glass containers.

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Steam Water Spray Retort Industrial Autoclave Manufacturers Features:

This steam water spray retort adopts cyclical water as sterilization heating carrier and carry out water-pouring sterilizing operation for articles. During the whole working course, superheated water operates in a relatively sealing cyclical system, which has series of advantages, high heat efficiency, good temperature evenness, stable temperature adjusting range, etc. Besides, this sterilizer also effectively prevents second pollution during working with anti-pressure protection device.



1. Ampoule bottles, plastic bottles, plastic packs, etc, in pharmaceutics.

2. To sterilize all kinds of sealing package, drinks, cans.

industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort

Main structure:
1. Rectangular/cylindrical single walled chamber made of 304 stainless steel with high finish.
2. Single or double doors with optional sliding doors to meet specific customer requirements.
3. Insulation made of polyurethane and perlite wool.
4. Runs on steam supplied by its own boiler. Steam pressure:0.4 – 0.6MPa


Vacuum system
This system is used to efficiently remove air from the autoclave chamber. It consists of a high efficiency water ring vacuum pump, condenser, etc.


Spraying System
Equipped with well-positioned nozzles to ensure uniform water distribution throughout the product, resulting in excellent temperature uniformity throughout the load.


1. High efficiency plate heat exchanger, 316L SS, for recirculation of heating/cooling water.
2. Monitoring of chamber pressure by means of pressure transmitter. Built-in temperature sensor for temperature testing.

industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort

Control Unit
1. Advanced PLC or microprocessor technology is used. The unit controls different sterilization cycles through different combinations of built-in programs.
2. The control unit is equipped with manual operation facility. Touch screen HMI for easier operation and more intuitive sterilization process.


Loading Trolley
It has adjustable shelves which can be positioned according to the height of the goods. It is designed to slide easily from the chamber to the cart.
This cart is made of stainless steel. It has four heavy casters on the base.


Optional remote monitoring system


industrial autoclave manufacturers,steam water spray retort


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Model SG-1.2 SG-2.5 SG-5 SG-13 SG-26 SG-32 SG-40 SG-62
Overall Size(L*W*H)mm 1820*2500*2000 3320*2500*2000 3780*3150*2250 4580*4000*2820 8580*4000*2820 10580*4000*2820 8740*5200*3220 12820*5200*3220
Chamber Size(L*W*H)mm 1500*750*1100 3000*750*1100 3400*1000*1500 φ2000*4200 φ2000*8200 φ2000*10200 φ2500*8360 φ2500*124400
Steam Consumption 80 130 250 580 1200 1400 1800 2800
Pure Water 100 200 450 1000 1500 2000 2500 4000
Compressed Air(kg/cycle) 2 4 10 25 40 45 55 90
Cooling Water 2000 4000 8500 9000 16000 20000 24000 40000
Loading Cart(pcs) 2 4 4 4 8 10 16 24
Power(kw) 5 5 8 15 25 30 45 60
N.W.(kg) 2150 3100 5500 8500 18000 21000 24500 31000