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  • Washer Disinfector

QPQ-350 Water Spray Washer Disinfector For Automatic Washing / Disinfecting / Drying

Through the application of innovative technology, this medical cleaning sterilizer significantly shortens the time required for water injection, heating, drying and other aspects, significantly reduces the operation wait, combined with efficient pre-heating bin design, compared with traditional equipment cleaning and disinfection efficiency increased by more than 3 times.

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Water Spray Washer Disinfector For Automatic Washing / Disinfecting / Drying Features:

1. Adopting innovative technology, significantly shorten the time of water injection, heating and drying, greatly reduce the waiting, and realize fast startup and operation.
2. Equipped with imported PLC control system, equipped with colorful large touch screen, one-key operation, preset 10 groups of programs and support customized 24 programs, intuitive and convenient operation.
3. Imported micro-printer, real-time recording and printing work data, data can be saved for a long time, seamless traceability system, data tracking.
4. Pre-heating silo is added to increase the cleaning and disinfection efficiency to more than 3 times of the traditional equipment, realizing instant start-up and high-speed processing.
5.  Adopting high flow water circulation and spraying system, compared with the traditional equipment, energy saving about 40%, in order to ensure the effect at the same time significantly reduce energy consumption.
6. The automatic lower door is equipped with double door interlocking system to detect obstacles and protect the operation safety;
7. Double sound insulation and heat insulation windows to ensure clean and dirty isolation.
8. Follow the latest WS310.3-2016 standard, realize 93°C boiling and high efficiency disinfection, and ensure the A0 value is qualified.
9. Boiling and chemical double disinfection mode, especially for non-high-temperature instruments to provide low-temperature disinfection and rust removal function.
10. Equipped with a 5-tier instrument washing rack, which can hold up to 15 DIN baskets, showing excellent loading and handling capacity.



First Wash→Enzyme Wash→Neutralization Rinse→Final Wash→Boiling and Oiling→Drying

Washer Disinfector


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Model QPQ-350 QPQ-420 QPQ-500 QPQ-600
Cleaning capacity 350L 420L 500L 600L
Maximum disinfection temperature 98℃ 98℃ 98℃ 98℃
Layers 4 5 5 6
Baskets 8-17 15-27 15-27 18-33
Opening and closing mode Manual Automatic downward door opening
Enzymes, disinfectants and lubricants Automatic calculation and precise filling
Power supply 380V/220 50Hz