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  • Washer Disinfector

QPQ-50/180 Water Spray Washer Disinfector For Automatic Washing/Disinfecting/Drying

The washer disinfector is powerful in cleaning and disinfecting, using fully automated spraying technology to ensure that the cavity around the body, spraying arm and cleaning rack area of all-round dead-end cleaning and disinfecting, temperature and time can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual needs.

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Water Spray Washer Disinfector For Automatic Washing/Disinfecting/Drying Features:

1. The chamber is made of 3mm thick 316 stainless steel plate, the bottom 3mm 316 stainless steel plate. Cleaning basket: adopts 316 stainless steel, outer decorative cover: adopts 304 stainless steel brushed plate.
2. Door opening mode: adopting single door and manual flap door mode.
3. Intelligent design, one-key operation.
4. Programmed control, color LCD touch screen, PLC program control, 24 groups can be programmed, preset 6 groups of programs can be selected at will.
5. Fully automatic add consumables: can automatically and accurately add cleaning enzyme, rust remover and silicone oil.
6. Full automatic spraying design, the inner cavity around, spraying arm and cleaning frame area configuration spray nozzle, all-round dead angle cleaning and disinfection.
7. cleaning and disinfection temperature and time can be adjusted.
8. Safety protection function, fault alarm system, safer work.
9. Full-automatic water inlet and drain function.
10. Equipment with printing function.


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Model Volume(L) Internal chamber pressure(Mpa) Spraying power(W) Number of dental handpieces handled (units)
QPQ-50 69 0.3-0.5 750 30
QPQ-180 180 0.3-0.5 900 80