• purified water generation system,multi-effect water distiller,pharmaceutical water system,wfi generation system,multi column distillation plant
  • purified water generation system,multi-effect water distiller,pharmaceutical water system,wfi generation system,multi column distillation plant

Water-Dis Multi-Effect Water Distiller Purified Water Generation System For Pharmaceutical

The tubular multi-effect distilled water machine is a kind of equipment for making water for injection which combines vertical falling film with spiral plate separation structure and steam multiple applications.

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Multi-Effect Water Distiller Purified Water Generation System Description:

Thermal distillation, single effect or multiple effect, is the most popular water for injection (WFI) production method in Europe. The main advantage of this method is its high reliability due to its simple design and the lack of moving parts used in WFI water generation. Because the process is carried out at high temperatures, the method has complete confidence in the microbial purity of the water obtained.

Application of multi-effect evaporator, not only provides high quality distilled water, but also high thermal efficiency, energy saving and small cover area.

Multi-effect water Distiller is a distiller made from deionized water that produces ultrapure vapors for sterilization. It is the ideal distillation equipment for hospital, pharmacy, electronics, food, beverage and other industries. Wfi Generation system is based on deionized water and produces ultrapure steam for sterilization. Pharmaceutical Water System is the ideal distillation equipment for hospitals, pharmaceutical, electronics, food, beverage and other industries.

Based on reasonable scientific calculation and optimized design with advanced models at home and abroad, multi column distillation plant has the advantages of simple operation, stable operation, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

purified water generation system,multi-effect water distiller,pharmaceutical water system,wfi generation system,multi column distillation plant


Qualified raw water is pressurized by multi-stage pump into the condenser for heat exchange, and then into the effect preheater, and then into the one-effect evaporator sprayed by the material water distributor on the inner wall of the heating tube, so that the material water in the tube into a film flow, heated by the steam from the boiler vaporization. The generated secondary steam entailed with water droplets enters the soda water separation device from the lower end of the heating tube, and the separated pure steam enters the next effect as heating steam, while the raw water not evaporated enters the next effect, and the above process is repeated. The pure steam produced by the final effect enters the condenser and merges with the condensed water from all the effects except the first effect for cooling. After the elimination of insoluble gas, it becomes water for injection, and the temperature can reach 92 ~ 99℃.

Multi-Effect Water Distiller Purified Water Generation System Features:

Single-tube-plate multi-effect water distiller:

1. All parts are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel.

2. The distilled water produced has high purity and no pyrogens, and is in full compliance with the quality indicators of water for injection.

3. It is the ideal equipment for all kinds of blood products, injections, large infusion, biological antibacterial and other pharmaceutical manufacturers and drinking distilled water manufacturers.

4. This machine has automatic, semi-automatic, manual three models to choose from, to meet the different needs of users.

Double-tube plate multi-effect water distiller:

1. The machine adopts double tube plate to prevent cross-contamination of various materials.

2. The sealing structure is reasonable, most of the machine adopts flange connection to prevent leakage.

3. Five effect machine micro use cooling water; The six-effect machine does not need cooling water.

4. Large design pressure (0.88mpa), long service life, large water yield.

5. Energy saving and water saving effect is remarkable, due to the use of new technology, the heat exchange effect of the machine is very obvious, compared with other models of energy saving 20%, due to the micro use or no use of cooling water can save about 15%.

6. The control mode is manual, PLC automatic, automatic.

Electric heating multi-effect water distiller:

1. Use purified water as raw material, water and electric energy as heating source.

2. The electric heating tube used by the steam generator conforms to the provisions of JB/T2379, and the electric heating tube shell material is made of austenitic stainless steel.

3. This machine is suitable for boiler steam production places, is the ideal energy saving, environmental protection distilled water production equipment for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biochemical scientific research departments.

4. The electric heater is located adjacent to the steam generator. The condenser is placed on the upper part of the machine and placed horizontally. The internal heat exchange form of multi-path tube series can be used to adjust the outlet temperature of distilled water.

5. The electric control console is an independent operation unit. The control panel is equipped with distilled water temperature digital display instrument, electrical conductivity digital display instrument and switch indicator button. Beautiful layout, easy to operate.

6. The water yield per unit power is five times that of ordinary electric distilled water, and the power consumption is half that of the same model in China. The energy saving effect is very significant. It is the most advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology products in China.



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Single-tube-plate multi-effect water distiller
Model Output of the
Distilled Water(L/H)
Steam Consumption
Purified Water
Consumption Volume(L/H)
Consumption of
Cooling Water(L/H)
Overall dimension(L*W*H)
Water-Dis100-4 >100 30 120 50 900x700x2000
Water-Dis200-4 >200 60 240 100 1000x800x2000
Water-Dis300-4 >300 90 360 150 1100x800x2200
Water-Dis500-4 >500 150 600 250 1400x900x2500
Water-Dis500-5 >500 130 600 100 1600x900x2500
Water-Dis750-5 >750 190 840 140 1700x1000x2900
Water-Dis1000-5 >1000 240 1100 200 1700x1100x3100
Water-Dis1000-6 >1000 190 1100 50 2100x1100x3100
Water-Dis1500-5 >1500 350 1670 290 2700x1100x3700
Water-Dis1500-6 >1500 290 1670 90 3200x1100x3700
Water-Dis2000-5 >2000 440 2200 210 3200x1100x4000
Water-Dis2000-6 >2000 390 2200 110 3600x1100x4000
Water-Dis3000-6 >2000 810 3300 150 4000x1200x4100
Water-Dis5000-6 >5000 980 5500 250 4600x1400x4200


Double-tube-plate multi-effect water distiller
Model Boiler Steam
Output of
of Steam(Kg/H)
of Material
of Cooling
Overall dimension(L*W*H) Power
Net Weight
Water-Dis300-4S 0.3 ≥300 ≤80 ≤325 ≤170 1610x640x2140 0.75 750
Water-Dis500-4S 0.3 ≥500 ≤150 ≤550 ≤300 1800x1000x3100 0.75 900
Water-Dis500-5S 0.3 ≥500 ≤115 ≤550 ≤120 1900x1000x3100 0.75 1000
Water-Dis1000-5S 0.3 ≥1000 ≤250 ≤1100 ≤150 2200x1000x3380 1.1 2050
Water-Dis1000-6S 0.3 ≥1000 ≤225 ≤1100 0 2830x1000x3380 1.1 2200
Water-Dis2000-5S 0.3 ≥2000 ≤500 ≤2200 ≤350 3100x1200x3620 1.5 2700
Water-Dis2000-6S 0.3 ≥2000 ≤450 ≤2100 0 3510x1200x3630 1.5 2950
Water-Dis3000-6S 0.3 ≥3000 ≤670 ≤3300 0 4058x1205x3700 2.2 4900
Water-Dis4000-6S 0.3 ≥4000 ≤900 ≤4400 0 4300x1400x3900 3 5900
Water-Dis5000-6S 0.3 ≥5000 ≤1130 ≤5500 0 4500x1500x4000 3.5 6400
Water-Dis6000-6S 0.3 ≥6000 ≤1350 ≤6900 0 4910x1550x4000 5 7750
Water-Dis10000-6S 0.3 ≥10000 ≤2250 ≤11500 0 6065x1950x4100 8 12120


Electric heating water distiller
Model Output of
Distilled Water(L/h)
Purified Water
Quantity of
Overall Dimension
L×W×H (㎜)
Water-Dis20-4D >20 50 12 1100×700×1800
Water-Dis50-4D >50 80 24 1100×700×1800
Water-Dis-4D >100 120 36 1100×850×2000
Water-Dis-4D >200 240 75 1200×900×2100
Water-Dis-4D >300 360 90 1300×950×2200
Water-Dis-4D >400 480 108 1400×1000×2300
Water-Dis-4D >500 600 130 1600×1000×2500