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Water-RO/Q Water Purifier Ultra Pure Water Machine RO/DI System Industrial Water Filter System

The medical grade pure water system ensures bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as uninterrupted workflows. Built-in technology provides predictable, low consumption and operating costs with the highest water quality.It’s the economic choice of pure water for regular lab analysis!

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Water Purifier Ultra Pure Water Machine RO/DI System Industrial Water Filter System Description:

Ultra Pure Water Machine is a compact, integrated water purifier that makes both pure water and deionized water directly from tap water. Deionized water removes ionic impurities from the water and makes the water more pure. Water purifier can be used in a wide range of industries, including deionized water. Reverse osmosis device is to use enough pressure to make the solvent in the solution (generally water) through the reverse osmosis membrane and separated, widely used in the production of pure water and all kinds of desalting engineering. Industrial water Filter System reverse osmosis equipment in the removal of salt at the same time, but also most of the bacteria, colloid, organic and microbial removal, greatly improve the purity of water quality. This RO/DI system unit removes up to 98% of dissolved minerals and up to 99% of bacterial, colloidal and organic contaminants. Hospitals and laboratories need to manage their sterile facilities and equipment. Pure Water System purification systems and reverse osmosis/deionization (RODI) systems offer a variety of options for process water generation to meet your budget and operational needs, as well as your facility’s process flow and quality requirements.

Water Purifier Ultra Pure Water Machine RO/DI System Industrial Water Filter System Features:

Clear and concise status display

1. Automatic microcomputer control system, LED LCD display animation working status in real time

2. The running status is intuitive and easy to read, which can display the flushing, water making, water full, water shortage and maintenance status in real time

Water quality monitoring

1. Portable detector with dry battery design can measure TDS value and temperature of tap water, RO water and deionized water at any time

System alarm and maintenance

1. It has sound and light alarm functions such as power-on self-check, power-off reset, over-limit work, water shortage, low voltage and high voltage protection

2. There are three kinds of RO film anti-scale periodic 30-second washing procedures, including starting up, water shortage reset and water making for 2 hours in total, to extend the life of RO film to the maximum extent

The system design

1. Pretreatment:

Rotary interface design, only gently rotating can realize the easy replacement of consumables, the whole process only takes tens of seconds

2. Reverse osmosis:

Imported reverse osmosis membrane can remove up to 99% ion and particle contaminants

3. Purification column:

Advanced full droop flow purification method is adopted to effectively prevent resin stratification

Adopt the resin with the highest ion exchange ability in the industry (original imported resin) to reduce the use cost

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Product model Water-RO 15/30/45/60 Water-Q 15/30/45/61 Water-RO 90/120/180/250 Water-Q 90/120/180/250
Output – RO water 15/30/45/60L/Hour 15/30/45/60L/Hour 90/120/180/250L/Hour 90/120/180/250L/Hour
Output – DI water Up to 2.0L/Min (when tank is full)
Feed water requirements Tap water:conductivity〈400μs,5-45℃,1.0-4.0Kgf/c㎡(when TDS〉400μs,optional pretreatment is suggested)
DI Deionized water quality
Resistivity(25℃) 13~17.5MΩ.cm
Heavy metal ion 〈0.01ppb
Bacteria N/A 〈0.01cfu/ml N/A 〈0.01cfu/ml
Particle(〉0.22μm) N/A 〈0.01/ml N/A 〈0.01/ml
Ro water quality
Ion rejection rate 〉98%(New RO membrane)
Organic rejection rate 〉98%,when MW〉200 Dalton
Particles and bacteria rejection rate 〉99%
Dimension and weight W×D×H:370×420×540mm/Weight:about 23 KG W×D×H:370×420×540mm/Weight:about 83 KG
Electrical requirement 100-240V,50/60Hz
Power 72W/120W/250W
Standard configuartion Main system(including 1 full set of cartridges)+built-in tank+accessories bag accessories bag
*The value will be influenced by temperature and feed water’s quality.