What is a CSSD Center?


The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) is part of the sterile, sterile, and sterile supply of all reusable diagnostic and therapeutic instruments, appliances, and articles for all hospital departments. The quality of hospital CSSD work directly reflects the quality of sterile articles in the whole hospital and is related to medical safety, which is an important part of hospital infection prevention and control.

CSSD Center,vacuum sterilizer,sterilization area, steam sterilization,decontamination area
Workflow of the CSSD Center

CSSD has ten workflows: Recycling, classification, cleaning, disinfection, drying, inspection, maintenance, packaging, sterilization, storage, distribution, that is to say, even if a common surgical instrument, after use in the operating room, to go through the ten standard processes, and that process is linked to ensure that the disinfection, sterilization of items qualified, finally issued to the hospital for use in the operating department.

How many parts does the CSSD Center consist of?

CSSD is divided into three areas, namely decontamination area, inspection of packaging and sterilization area, sterile goods distribution area.

Decontamination area: a working area for centralized disposal of all contaminated materials, mainly used for sorting, counting, cleaning, disinfecting and drying of recycled reusable materials. Bring contaminated articles up to a clean level by decontamination.

Inspection and packaging sterilization area: It is a place where staff carry out inspection and combination of all instruments and articles for cleaning quality and functional integrity, and carry out correct packaging and a series of pre-sterilization preparations after confirming qualification.

Sterile articles storage area: The area for the storage, storage and supply of sterile articles.

CSSD Center,vacuum sterilizer,sterilization area, steam sterilization,decontamination area

What equipment does the CSSD Center use?

Main equipment in decontamination area: automatic cleaning and disinfection machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical drying cabinet, pure water equipment.

Main equipment in inspection, packaging and sterilization area: instrument inspection magnifying glass, medical sealer, pulsating vacuum sterilizer, low temperature plasma sterilizer.

Sterile goods storage area main equipment: air purifier, double-sided basket storage rack, sterile goods transport truck.

Sterilization solutions are required

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