Why autoclave needed in hospital?


Think about all the important procedures that take place in a hospital or doctor’s office. From intensive surgery to ambulate surgery, both minimal surgery and intensive surgery depend on one thing for their success: sterilizing the instruments. Everyone from doctors to surgeons and dentists relies on autoclaves to keep all medical equipment clean and sterile. As any medical professional knows, keeping scalpels, scissors, and other vital medical tools free of any contaminants is crucial.
Hospitals are prone to fungi, viruses and deadly bacteria that can cause very serious and sometimes fatal complications. The use of unsterilized medical instruments — especially during surgery — greatly increases the likelihood of passing disease from one patient to another. Disinfecting every piece of equipment is critical to keeping every patient as safe and healthy as possible.
If hospital equipment is not properly disinfected, the following may occur:
1. Transmission of infection
If there is an unknown substance on hospital equipment and surgical instruments at any time, it can easily increase the risk of infection by exposing specific body parts to bacteria.
2. The spread of disease
Diseases can easily spread from one patient to another if hospital equipment is not properly sterilized after being used for different tasks. Examples include AIDS, HIV, hepatitis and sadly many more.
3. Fatal Danger
As dramatic as it may sound, in some cases severe infections can lead to death.
Steam autoclave is the perfect choice for medical facilities of all sizes. It is widely used from small dental clinics to large hospitals. Available in a variety of sizes, autoclaves can be customized to your requirements, and autoclaves can quickly, easily and efficiently sterilize each time, regardless of the size of the facility. Here are some of the advantages of using a steam autoclave to disinfect medical equipment:
Elimination of microorganisms: Steam autoclaves use high-temperature steam released at extremely high pressure to disinfect medical items. Before inserting the autoclave for sterilization, place the instrument in a completely sealed transparent bag. This combination of time, heat, pressure, and steam effectively kills all pathogenic microorganisms. After circulation, the device will be completely sterile, safe and ready for immediate use.
Reliable and safe: Disinfecting medical equipment with steam autoclaving is one of the only guaranteed ways to eliminate the risk of transmission of bacteria and disease from patient to patient in a health care setting. The steam autoclave method of cyclic pressurization provides the highest sterilization standard available. Disinfection by steam autoclave is almost 100% effective. Your patients can rest easy knowing that they are always as far away from contaminants as possible.
Prevent double operations: All operations require multiple pieces of equipment. Using only one improperly sterilized item can lead to serious infections. Usually, the infection doesn’t show up until much later. The patient will then need additional medical care and may even need a second operation to prevent additional health problems.
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