ROOETECH supplies sterilization and infection control equipment for medical, industrial and laboratory uses. We focus on high quality products that meet stringent international standards, including FDA, ASME, ISO and CE.


As a major one of the leading supplier of infection prevention service, all our sterilizer equipment has the quality of reliability, easy maintenance and maintainability, can not only meet the specific needs of customers, can also for small and large health care providers from all over the world and lab provide personalized, responsive service, etc.


In addition to our unmatched line of autoclaved and cleaning and sterilizing machines, we offer a complete sterilization solution to meet customer needs and market challenges, including equipment planning, as well as consulting and feasibility studies for projects of all sizes; With operations across five continents, our sterilization and infection control solutions are trusted by hospitals, laboratories and clinics in more than 140 countries.


Through the development and sales of advanced disinfection and infection control technology, focus on eliminating the risk in the process of manufacturing, in isolation technique system, sterilization, water and pure steam and dry application innovation designed to ensure that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sterile and efficient production of the process, to create a cleaner, safer environment, trust form a lasting bond.


We are committed to performance, creativity and finding the best solutions and technologies to deliver value to our services and devices, aiming to help our customers create a healthier, safer world.

Our Team

We are professional modern enterprise with its own development, production, R&D, marketing and exporting, specially, our professional export team give you efficient solutions, and R&D team with more than 20 years experience, advance production device, test device guarantee our products high quality. At the same time, we put customer first and we seek to exceed their expectations.

Our Customers

ROOETECH has a strong customer service orientation, and we are committed to responsibly meeting our customers’ needs in an effective, timely, supportive manner. And we supply customer one-stop purchasing solutions timely.

Our Suppliers

We value our supplier relationships and strive to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial associations. We are responsible for specifying our needs and expect our sources to provide quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a fair, competitive price.

Our Employees

We believe the strength source of our company is based on the quality of our employees. Consequently, we are committed to providing employees with satisfying, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities. We are committed to the ROOETECH Way, which encourages a sense of pride, excitement, and loyalty on the part of all who are associated with ROOETECH.

We treat our employees fairly and listen to the concerns of our employees, and we do our best to maintain competitive wages and benefits to recruit and retain quality.

ROOETECH, your reliable partner!