Management Team

Our entire management team is results-oriented to ensure that all people have access to healthcare and we have the ability to offer the latest medical products in the marketplace. We offer a wide range of options in first aid and funeral and it is important that each product is designed to fit the customer and has unquestionable performance.


The unit supports us in producing medical and funeral equipment of unmatched quality to assist numerous medical entities in providing the most appropriate care to those in need. Our workforce is the backbone of our organization and they are highly skilled and possess the necessary expertise in this area. The combination of advanced infrastructure and technical expertise puts us far ahead of other competitors in the industry.


The main objective is to ensure timely delivery of our products while maintaining high quality, high flexibility and minimal cost. All the equipment is ISO certified, and has a strong after-sales service, over time, it has gained credibility and recognition worldwide.

Marketing And Sales Team

Grasp effective information to timely provide customers with their needs, deeply cultivate customer demands, get rid of the “product-centric” sales thinking, with more refined, more persistent service ability to create outstanding competitive advantages, so as to win customer trust.


Office staff strive to assist all departments and facilitate communication on all aspects of our business. They are valuable team members who can work with our logistics partners to develop flexible logistics structures that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers.