Why do autoclaves need distilled water?


Autoclave manufacturers need distilled or deionised water to operate properly. The distillation process removes impurities and provides the cleanest possible water. All autoclaves require distilled or pure water for operation because distilled water is pure, free of impurities, free of ions and does not produce scale.


What happens if I don’t use distilled water in the autoclave?


If you do not use distilled water in your sterilizer, it can cause damage to the machine, such as clogging of the fine lines, formation of scale and water spots on the surface of the handpiece after drying, and deposits on the surface of the steam sensor and temperature sensor inside the sterilizer, which can cause the sensor to malfunction and affect the normal use of the sterilizer, so it is important to use pure distilled water.

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Can I use tap water?


No, you cannot. Tap water contains too many impurities and may cause your autoclave to stop circulating. If tap water is used, the autoclave will require frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Can I use mineral water?


No, you cannot. Mineral water contains impurities that can cause the autoclave to not work properly.


Can I use boiled water?


No, boiling water is not pure water. Boiling only kills biological contaminants.


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RO versus distilled water


Although reverse osmosis provides better results than tap water, it is not pure water. Purified water and filtered water are two different things. Reverse osmosis is more than filtration and does remove as many contaminants as possible and does not filter out uncharged ions, such as organic matter. The distillation process does a better job of removing sodium and other common minerals.


Save money by using the right water


Avoid unnecessary autoclave repairs by ensuring you use the right water.


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