Why is it important to sterilize food containers?


Sterilization is an important step in canning food and drink. If you make pickles, jams, or canned vegetables in glass jars, you must disinfect the jar before filling to avoid contamination by microorganisms. Disinfecting jars and bottles is essential to preserve jams, chutneys or sauces for long periods of time.
Every jar or bottle used to store food needs to be disinfected, even if it’s brand new. Anything with a tight lid will keep food inside, protecting it from bacteria from the outside of the jar, but if not properly disinfected, it can trap harmful bacteria inside.
Bacteria can quickly shorten the shelf life of food and can be dangerous to people who eat it. Sterilizing jars not only stops the growth of food-destroying bacteria, but also extends the shelf life of your food. In properly sterilized jars, jams and sauces will last up to six months in a cool, dry place, but check individual recipes for accurate expiration date information.
Glass is resistant to high temperatures, making it one of the most widely used containers for food sterilization. It resists the heat of washing, filling and clamping without any problems. The most common method of sterilization is humid heat, which uses steam to transfer heat energy and destroy microorganisms. It is a short cycle system due to the high heat transfer capacity of water vapor.

We recommend SG Series Super Water Sterilizer Food Autoclave, in which the superheated water is operated in a relatively closed circulation system throughout the process. The equipment has a series of characteristics, such as high thermal efficiency, good temperature uniformity, wide temperature control range, etc., which can be designed for cleaning the inner and outer surface of the container, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution in the process of work. The whole process of heating, sterilization, cleaning and cooling is automatically completed at one time. The container must be placed on the shelf and sent into the cabinet for sterilization. After sterilization, the spray system ejects cooling water-shaped fog, which covers the whole cabinet and has no dead corner, and can be in close contact with the product evenly. Work parameters can be modified according to needs; You can also display, save, and print real-time working status. The equipment is easy to use, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance.
To ensure safety, the process of cleaning food containers is essential, even if the containers are new. It is therefore essential to establish a system to clean containers and improve food safety.

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