Why is the EO sterilization process humidified?


EO sterilization principle: ethylene oxide, also known as ethylene oxide, is a strong oxidizing agent. Only in the presence of water can the epoxy ring be opened and attack the hydrogen atoms in microbial nucleic acid, resulting in microbial death and sterilization effect.

EO sterilization,sterilization effect,eto sterilization humidity

Water content


The water content of sterilized products, the degree of dryness of microorganisms and the relative humidity of sterilization environment all have significant effects on the sterilization effect of EO.

When the microbial and environmental water content is too high, EO will be diluted or hydrolyzed, reducing the sterilization effect. In this case, it is necessary to increase the EO concentration or prolong the sterilization time. When the microorganisms are too dry and the environmental humidity is low, EO is not easy to penetrate the microorganisms, and the sterilization effect is very poor. Even if the action time is increased or the concentration is increased, the sterilization effect cannot be achieved, and humidification measures must be taken.

EO sterilization,sterilization effect,eto sterilization humidity

How much humidity is appropriate in EO sterilization process?


In the whole process of sterilization, humidity is mostly best controlled at about 60%, can be a little more appropriate, but it should not exceed 80%, in such a case will not lead to sterilization effect affected, and if the water content is relatively small, it will lead to sterilization ability affected.

If the water content is too much, it will also lead to a certain impact on the sterilization effect, so in the whole process of sterilization, we must firmly grasp the humidity, in order to effectively use, the ideal humidity, at the beginning of the need to conduct a pre-test, and if a certain demand has been met, then we can also appropriately try. You can’t go wrong with basically keeping it around 60%.

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