ROOETECH’s biotechnology and drug development decontamination provide vital total kill while saving time and costs, increasing production and achieving compliance. The strict and continual application of aseptic processing, environmental controls and monitoring are key to the approval and success of your final drug or product as a leading solution. With ROOETECH’s automated, validated bio decontamination, you have confidence in your bioburden elimination of your workspace and enhancements for sterility testing.
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Amautoclave supplies sterilization and infection control equipment for medical, industrial and laboratory uses. We focus on high quality products that meet stringent international standards, including FDA, ASME, ISO and CE. As one of the leading providers of large-scale infection prevention services, the quality of all our sterilizer equipment can not only meet the specific needs of our customers, but also provide personalized and responsive services to small and large healthcare providers and laboratories around the world.....

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As a major one of the leading supplier of infection prevention service, all our sterilizer equipment has the quality of reliability, easy maintenance and maintainability, can not only meet the specific needs of customers, can also for small and large health care providers from all over the world and lab provide personalized, responsive service, etc.

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